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Tejitha Gummadi

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7 Current Social Media Trends To Recharge Your Content Creation

7 Current Social Media Trends To Recharge Your Content Creation No matter how deep your well of inspiration is, it does run dry at some point. There are days where […]

  July 8, 2021


Decoding Bruised Passports’ Instagram For Content Tips!

Last year, during one of DYT’s AMA sessions, a content creator said something that stuck with us. “If you cannot be an original – copy, but do it with credits. It’s […]

  June 29, 2021


Decoding Masoom Minawala Mehta’s Instagram For Content Tips!

We’re back with yet another decoding series. It began with dissecting Sakshi Sindwani’s Instagram to give budding content creators, like you, some much-needed content tips. We’re now moving onto Masoom Minawala […]

  June 23, 2021


7 Indian Photographers You Have To Follow For Great Tips!

We all wish to relive certain breathtaking moments of our lives again and again. And the best way to do it are photographs! Here are 7 Indian photographers acing their […]

  June 21, 2021


2021 Half Yearly Recap: Memes Edition

2021 is turning out to be one hell of an eventful year! Here’s a summary of all that happened so far:     January Shattered Our Hopes! We all entered […]

  June 18, 2021


Bloggers: Here’s How You Increase Organic Traffic

Every social media platform is a space you rent. You don’t own it. If they decide to shut down or get banned (think TikTok), your hands are tied. That’s why […]

  June 17, 2021


Upcoming Instagram Features Content Creators Should Lookout For

Of all the social media platforms, we are partial to Instagram big time. And there is a valid reason for it. The photo-sharing site continuously adds new tools and features […]

  June 5, 2021


Write For DYT: Rules And Guidelines To Follow

We began Do Your Thng with a simple goal – to help creators do what they love. We wanted to give you a platform that made content creation simple. We […]

  June 4, 2021


Decoding Sakshi Sindwani’s Instagram For Content Tips!

Like parents, we can’t be partial towards one creator. But when we look at Sakshi Sindwani’s content, we just can’t help falling in love with her (🎵). The content creator, […]

  May 26, 2021


7 Beauty Micro-Influencers From The DYT Community You Must Check Out!

We’re not going to waste your time introducing beauty content creators. You likely follow at least one unless you’ve been living under a rock. So, without further ado, here are […]

  May 24, 2021