Tejitha Gummadi

Tejitha Gummadi

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4 Steps To Turn Your Audience Into An Empire

Building an effective and efficient Brand value for oneself as a content creator is the most important strategy that should be adopted. But this is not going to be easy. […]

  July 28, 2021


Smart DIY Ideas To Reuse Garbage & Reduce Household Waste

28th July is celebrated as World Environment Conservation Day.   So this World Environment Conservation day- why not upcycle used containers, cardboard boxes or cans for other purposes instead of […]

  July 27, 2021


Aesthetic Filters You Must Try For Self Portrait Pictures On Instagram

Instagram filters surely have been adding colours to life during pandemic. It’s hard to imagine a self-portrait without a little tweak from the gorgeous gallery of filters available now. But […]

  July 26, 2021


5 Sites To Create Your Own Websites

Well, we know that social media has taken over most of the contemporary world. We also know that you have to establish yourself as a brand to sell your content […]

  July 23, 2021


Decoding Karunesh Talwar’s Instagram For Content Tips

Decoding Karunesh Talwar’s Instagram For Content Tips Who knew decoding Instagram handles of top creators could be so useful? But apparently, it is. Dig deep into influencer and content creator […]

  July 22, 2021


How does DYT use LinkedIn to connect with its community?

Our founder began DYT for a very simple reason. To give any content creator, big or small, a safe space to do what they love while the platform does the […]

  July 13, 2021


7 Current Social Media Trends To Recharge Your Content Creation

7 Current Social Media Trends To Recharge Your Content Creation No matter how deep your well of inspiration is, it does run dry at some point. There are days where […]

  July 8, 2021


Decoding Bruised Passports’ Instagram For Content Tips!

Last year, during one of DYT’s AMA sessions, a content creator said something that stuck with us. “If you cannot be an original – copy, but do it with credits. It’s […]

  June 29, 2021


Decoding Masoom Minawala Mehta’s Instagram For Content Tips!

We’re back with yet another decoding series. It began with dissecting Sakshi Sindwani’s Instagram to give budding content creators, like you, some much-needed content tips. We’re now moving onto Masoom Minawala […]

  June 23, 2021


7 Indian Photographers You Have To Follow For Great Tips!

We all wish to relive certain breathtaking moments of our lives again and again. And the best way to do it are photographs! Here are 7 Indian photographers acing their […]

  June 21, 2021