Tejitha Gummadi

Tejitha Gummadi

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The 411 On Food Blogging: Putting The Lens On Writing

In food blogging, people taking pictures of food is a common sight. So common, in fact, that we’ve stopped noticing the person sitting in a cafe clicking a platter of […]

  January 11, 2021


6 Myths About Influencer Marketing Busted

Influencer marketing can be a golden opportunity for brands looking to raise awareness, initiate discussions, and include some form of engagement around their product/service. But, it still makes managers scratch […]

  January 8, 2021


Use Your Social Media Reach For The Good

We can spend ages talking, explaining, and expounding on how social media is meant for more things than mere selfies. But while we are lovers of words, we humbly accept […]

  January 7, 2021


The Creator Road To 2021: 4 Influencer Marketing Trends

Nano and micro-influencers will grow as will video content. Those were our predictions for 2020. And despite the pandemic, they proved true. So true that the two influencer marketing trends show no sign […]

  January 6, 2021


5 Tips On How You Can Get More Brand Collaborations

If you could ask yourself one simple question all day long which would help you make better decisions, generate better outcomes, reduce your stress, increase your sense of fulfillment and […]

  January 4, 2021


The Art Of Getting A Handle On Haters, And Outright Trolls 

A while back, news leaked that Instagram is playing with a minor change in its app that can have a radical impact. The photo-sharing site might hide those pesky little […]

  January 2, 2021