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Another New Instagram Feature (One We Waited For) Is Out

Imagine this: you are trying to talk up your Instagram, but your friends can not stop gushing about how trendy Twitter Spaces have been lately. So, you decide to tweet your Instagram post, only to see an off-putting hyperlink instead of the kicka$$ picture you took.  We know. We know. We’ve been there. It’s the […]


  January 10, 2022

New Instagram Feature: IGTV Combined With Feed Video

Way back in November, we were introduced to a new Instagram feature. It combined Feed Videos with IGTV and renamed it Instagram Video. If you are wondering why the sudden change, join the club.  Turns out, IGTV didn’t take off as well as Instagram expected it to. Proof: we didn’t even know it had a […]

  December 24, 2021