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A Guide To Tagging Locations on Instagram

Planning Insta-worthy content is not easy. The right props, lights, aesthetics, outfit, yadda, yadda. There is so much more work involved. Getting the right shot is half the job done, and then you move on to writing a crisp caption, finding the right hashtags, tagging location… wait!  Are you tagging your location? Tagging locations on […]


  January 23, 2022

Another New Instagram Feature (One We Waited For) Is Out

Imagine this: you are trying to talk up your Instagram, but your friends can not stop gushing about how trendy Twitter Spaces have been lately. So, you decide to tweet your Instagram post, only to see an off-putting hyperlink instead of the kicka$$ picture you took.  We know. We know. We’ve been there. It’s the […]


  January 10, 2022

Spilled: Instagram Algorithm Secrets In 2022

In 2022, we manifest what we want, and we hustle hard to get it! This is our motto for the new year. What is yours?  Is it to earn more through your creator profile?  If so, Do Your Thng’s several paid campaigns on the app have got your back!  If it is to crack the […]

  January 4, 2022

Understanding Instagram Analytics To Hack Growth

Instagram crossed one billion active users in October 2021. Of these, 201 million were solely from India.  Let’s translate these numbers. You, a creator (and the brand you adore and promote), have access to enormous potential followers with just one click.  Yet, why is it that some creators struggle to cross that 5k mark while […]


  January 3, 2022

How To Find Audio And Music Trending On Instagram

Do you guys also find it hard to concentrate these days?  Thank God, ours are not the only minds hijacked by groovy Instagram music! All thanks to Instagram, we’ve all been struck by the “stuck song syndrome.”  Music trending on Instagram has taken the entire world by storm and got everyone, from neighbourhood kids to […]


  December 25, 2021

New Instagram Feature: IGTV Combined With Feed Video

Way back in November, we were introduced to a new Instagram feature. It combined Feed Videos with IGTV and renamed it Instagram Video. If you are wondering why the sudden change, join the club.  Turns out, IGTV didn’t take off as well as Instagram expected it to. Proof: we didn’t even know it had a […]

  December 24, 2021

7 Tips To Get Real, Organic And More Instagram Followers

Is your follower count stuck at the same number for a long period of time? Are you struggling with converting potential audiences into followers?  Heck, yes? Then read on! Instagram currently has 1 billion monthly users on average. In simple words, it offers huge growth potential for creators as well as brands. You just have […]


  December 21, 2021

3 Tips To Get Your Followers To Tap The Instagram Save Option!

First followers, then likes. For a while, they were the hottest metrics that brands paid close attention to for a while. But now, it’s time to make way for the new metric in town: saves!  Instagram started to test the removal of likes, and this played a major role in shifting from measuring the success […]

  December 20, 2021

Instagram Ads That Brands Can Use With The Inspiring Examples

Advertising has had its fair share of evolution, from pamphlets to television commercials. Only brands that stayed abreast with new modes managed to stand the test of time, and competition (of course). With the entire world vibing to trending audios on Instagram, it’s apparent that the new avatar of advertising lives and breathes on social […]


  December 18, 2021

The Follow-Unfollow Method On Instagram To Hack Growth In 2022

TL; DR: Don’t be fooled by what others say. The follow/unfollow method does NOT work! If you’ve been trying to hack Instagram and gain more followers, there is one method that seems like a no-brainer. Follow dozens, if not hundreds, of accounts in your niche and then unfollow them a couple of days later. Called […]


  December 17, 2021

6 Common Mistakes On Instagram That You Need To Stop Making Right Now

  “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”– Orlando Battista   Is your reach on Instagram suffering? Is the number of your followers not growing? All this indicates one thing: you are not playing your cards right on Instagram. Agreed, mastering social media isn’t easy, especially in today’s period when […]


  December 15, 2021

10 Instagram Handmade Jewellery Influencers & Designers

Social media is a rabbit hole of creativity. One that tempts us to empty our bank accounts. From hand painted to wall plates to handmade jewellery, you’ll find all sorts of craftsmanship. This past week we dove into the world of handmade jewellery influencers on Instagram. While there is a long list of pages, here […]


  December 14, 2021

Instagram Latest Feature On Outage Alert And Account Status: A Boon For Creators!

Remember the outage of Instagram, Facebook, and essentially the most important of all social medias a couple of months ago? Sucked, right? Especially when so many of our livelihoods depend on them, when we have to push out brand promotions and publish content that we worked super hard for and only to lose engagement. It […]

  December 8, 2021

How To Use The Instagram Live Scheduling Feature?

What is the trickiest part about engaging with your audience on Instagram? We’ll go first. It’s interacting with your audience LIVE!  There’s just so much to be considered. Is the lighting correct? Is the placement of the camera okay? Should you wait for more for enough of an audience to show up?  Well, fret no […]


  December 2, 2021

9 Photography Tips For Influencers To Make Your Content Better

Every picture tells a story. We know that. Right? Make it eye-catching and unique and you have more than a story. You have followers, likes, shares and overall engagement.  So, with high-powered cameras in your pockets, there really is no excuse for not posting perfect shots. But we get it. Not everyone is born with […]


  November 25, 2021