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9 Best Cake Pages On Instagram In India

Did the lockdown intrigue the baking spirit inside you? Or maybe you’re looking for the best cake Instagram accounts to cater to your event? Or maybe you’re simply in the mood to look at some mouthwatering and delicious pictures.  Whatever the reason, we have your back. We sat down to find the best cake pages […]


  January 13, 2022

Regional Content Creators Making It Big On Social Media

Do you know the number of languages spoken in India? It is home to 120+ languages. And don’t get us started on dialects. The saying ‘कोस कोस पर बदले पानी, चार कोस पर वाणी‘ is actually true. And the creator economy is truly witnessing it now, with an increased demand for vernacular content and regional […]


  January 12, 2022

The Unnoticed Ripple Effects of COVID-19 On Social Media Platforms

Over the past two years, the value of online content and its creators has come into stark relief. The uproar of content creation and its consumption has been a visible ripple effect of COVID-19.  What has gone unnoticed are silent but salient partners of content and their creators – the social media platforms. Looking back […]


  January 9, 2022

How To Use Hashtags To Increase Your Discoverability

We know you know what # means. We’re the age that recognises the symbol as a hashtag and not as the number sign. So, instead of insulting your intelligence by defining it, we dive into how to make you, the content creator, more discoverable through them. How do we do that? By learning how to use hashtags. Correctly.  One caveat before […]


  January 5, 2022

7 Social Media Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Did you know that this year saw 490 million new social media users? Clearly, we’ve become inseparable from social media. Be it to mindlessly scroll for hours or make a living out of it, socials have become an integral part of our lives. No matter how much we’d like to deny it. As we bid […]

  December 30, 2021

Who Are The Top Social Media Influencers In India In 2022?

Before we begin, think of 5 things you like to do in your leisure time. While no two individuals are the same and people are bound to have different ideas of “leisure.” We bet that if there’s one thing in common in all our answers, then it’s browsing social media and the Instagram of the […]


  December 22, 2021

3 Tips To Get Your Followers To Tap The Instagram Save Option!

First followers, then likes. For a while, they were the hottest metrics that brands paid close attention to for a while. But now, it’s time to make way for the new metric in town: saves!  Instagram started to test the removal of likes, and this played a major role in shifting from measuring the success […]

  December 20, 2021

Travel Creators And Their Content That We Love

COVID-19 devastated the world, but no business was hit worse than travel. With borders closed, flights cancelled, and people stuck at home, the global travel industry came to a standstill. In May 2020, Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb, wrote that they had to make the tough call of letting over 25% of the company’s workforce […]


  December 19, 2021

Instagram Ads That Brands Can Use With The Inspiring Examples

Advertising has had its fair share of evolution, from pamphlets to television commercials. Only brands that stayed abreast with new modes managed to stand the test of time, and competition (of course). With the entire world vibing to trending audios on Instagram, it’s apparent that the new avatar of advertising lives and breathes on social […]


  December 18, 2021

How To Get 50k Followers In One Month?

One of the questions that pops-up with the regularity of a leitmotif at Do Your Thng is “how to reach X followers in a month?”  For some creators, the number is 10,000 and for others, it is 50,000. If you take away the hard digits, the crux is how do you gain more followers – […]


  December 11, 2021

25 Tips To Get More Likes, Shares, Saves And Engagement On Social Media

Before you begin: We steer clear of bots, paid likes, bought followers, and the sundry to inflate metrics. Instead, we dab a highlighter on creating kicka$$ content. We contour around organic ways to increase engagement on three social media platforms. They said don’t worry about your follower numbers. They said it’s a vanity metric. They […]


  December 10, 2021

Content Ideas For Creators To Bring All The Festive Feels & Engagement

The best part about living in India? Getting to celebrate all sorts of festivals. Eid, Diwali, Onam, Christmas: the list is endless and for creators a thing to rejoice.  Why? Because each holiday brings with it dozens of content ideas. And, tbh, we’ve all run out of ideas on what to post on social media at […]

  December 1, 2021

How To Turn Creating Content On Instagram Into A Full-Time Job?

How many of you saw the title and thought, “Wow, that sounds a bit… uh… uncanny, maybe?” We bet a lot of you.  Let’s be honest. Initially, it can be difficult to achieve stability of income with Instagram, and micro-influencers often find themselves supplementing their income from content creation with other, more stable sources of […]


  November 30, 2021

9 Photography Tips For Influencers To Make Your Content Better

Every picture tells a story. We know that. Right? Make it eye-catching and unique and you have more than a story. You have followers, likes, shares and overall engagement.  So, with high-powered cameras in your pockets, there really is no excuse for not posting perfect shots. But we get it. Not everyone is born with […]


  November 25, 2021

Are You Using Reels On Facebook Yet? Here’s How!

It took time for Instagram Reels to go viral. But viral they did go, and there’s no stopping them now. Part of the success is that Instagram timed the launch perfectly, with the ban of TikTok.  Since Reels were launched in July last year, Instagram’s downloads increased by 11.4%! So, seriously, does it surprise anyone […]

  November 22, 2021