How to Shoot A Professional Video?

  Creators who make videos have it HARD. Shooting content by yourself right when you are starting is not easy. Which camera do you buy? How do you set it up? Why is the audio not great? These are questions that run around your mind. Questions we answer to help you shoot a professional video. The Rules to Shoot A Professional Video It takes practice to do anything well, but some basic elements make up a good video. Follow them, […]

  July 28, 2020

Hygieia, the Goddess of Health: The One to Worship In 2020

  If there is one thing this year will teach us all (and there are many, many harsh learnings in 2020), then it is hygiene. So, a few of us at DYT got to thinking about the source word of it.  You know how it is. You got to bed at 11 because there is an early Zoom meeting and you need to be up on time. And in a blink, it is 3 am, and you’ve spent 4 hours down the […]

  July 25, 2020

Content Creation Vs Curation- The Ultimate Battle

To curate or create? Let’s settle this debate once and for all! Many have argued that one is better than the other.  Luckily the answer is not one or the other. The sweet spot is between the two.   The best example of this is Netflix. It’s an entity that has perfected both the creation and curation of content.   What’s the difference, exactly?   Think of it as writing a story and posting it online vs. compiling a list […]

  July 24, 2020

Myntra seeks to make WFH fashionable.

Work from home (WFH) has seen couches, kitchen counters and even bedrooms turn into office space.   View this post on Instagram Slounge-wear is a thing, and we’re making it trendy! 📸 @bhawna_lunthii For similar styles, look up product codes: 10735804 / 10605858 / 10716874 To be featured on our feeds, tag your #myntra look with #myMyntraLook #MyntraSays #StayStylish A post shared by MYNTRA (@myntra) on Jun 2, 2020 at 11:02pm PDT   With many people now working from home-  […]

  July 22, 2020

Be True To Yourself: AMA With Rashi Kalra

This month, I sat down with Rashi Kalra, a.k.a Outdoorsy. She wears a lot of hats – yogini, travel blogger, visualizer, filmmaker, and photographer are just some of them.  For me, she is a long-time friend and one of the travel creators I look up to. So, it was inevitable that I keep an AMA with her. Here are some tidbits from the session that every creator must know.   Advertising is a demanding job. Amidst the hectic hustle, where […]

  July 21, 2020

What Content to Create in Times of Coronavirus?

None of us could have prepared for COVID-19 in a million years. But now that it is here, we have to adapt to it. For content creators, this is even more crucial because of the massive bump in viewership.  People all over are turning to social platforms and their favourite creators for more information, entertainment, and guidance on how to navigate through these Voldemort-ian times. So, here’s a leg up for creators – easy to execute lockdown content ideas. Easily […]

  July 20, 2020

Reels to Guides: 7 Instagram Trends You Simply Can’t Miss!

It’s July. We are now halfway through the year which seems unbelievable. But after all, it’s 2020, and change has been fast and furious. With a global pandemic, social uprising, shaking things up. While you might be doing great, now’s the time to level-up your Instagram strategy and jump on some of the hottest Instagram trends in 2020! Now let’s cut to the chase and speak about Instagram trends 2020 in detail.   Rise of Instagram Reels– Missing TikTok? Instagram […]

  July 20, 2020

How To Find The Kind Of Creators You Should Collaborate With?

Your followers adore you. Your content is a big hit. And brands are finally beginning to notice you. Life as a creator is good. Then, you perceive that your growth has slackened. Your reach is not what it used to be.  Does that mean you’ve hit the ceiling of #CreatorLife? Does that mean that you’ve reached the limit of your “influence?” Hardly so! It just means you need an influx of fresh air, and how does a creator get that? By […]

  July 17, 2020

What is Katrina Kaif’s mantra for staying fit during the lockdown?

By now you’re well aware that Katrina Kaif likes to dedicate plenty of time in her schedule to working out. But unless you watch her social media religiously, you probably don’t know *exactly* what her typical workout looks like. Luckily, for anyone who’s curious, we have pulled up the routine on Yasmin Karachiwala’s page.   Yasmin first met Katrina about 9 years ago at Salman Khan’s farm in Panvel where she asked Yasmin to help her get into Bollywood shape […]

  July 17, 2020

How To Track Your Revenue Rate On YouTube?

  More than 4 billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube. Clearly, the user experience is already quite good. Yet, YouTube unveiled a new metric called Revenue Per Mile (RPM), which will show how much a creator earned per 1,000 views, making the creator’s experience more enjoyable & beneficial.    YouTube creators earn money in a no. of ways – through advertising, subscriptions, donations, live-streaming features, and YouTube Premium revenue. By viewing the RPM, one can gain a perspective of […]

  July 15, 2020