What Post Size To Use For Instagram?

Our nation is burning down around us. But as creators, you have the power to make us smile when its most needed. So, if you are in the mental space to create content, please do so. It is an escape many people need right now. If your bandwidth is stretched thin, then abstain. There is no judgement here.     Creative content. Original content. And good content. Those are the three golden rules for creators. The first two are your domain. For the third, we can […]

  April 22, 2021

10 Tips To Up Your Flatlay Game!

Flatlay is a vintage & predominant style of photography where an image is shot from the higher perspective from the ground. Over the years, its prominence has grown rapidly with the popularity of visual-specific platforms like Instagram. Both brands and creators use Flat Lays to showcase their creativity, adding a dose of aesthetics while breaking the clutter on the platform. So, if you’re a creator looking to up your insta game, we’re got you covered with essential tips to create […]

  April 21, 2021

5 Cocktail Influencers You Have To Check out! 

Most of us would be probably missing our favorite cocktails and local bartenders due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the good news is that the restrictions have made us try making our favorite drinks on our own. That said, we all crave to try something complex and new often, which is when we turn to cocktail influencers for ideas and suggestions.  You will be able to find several famous and talented cocktail influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms. […]

  April 20, 2021

Top 5 Upcoming Niches of Creator Industry in 2021

Wondering about trends and niches in the creator industry? In 2021, the creator industry has surged drastically with the increase in digital content consumption. On social media, creators have given solid competition to branded content. Due to this, the virality of content no longer depends on the shoulders of celebrity endorsements or big-budget productions. Authenticity in content creation has taken the front seat and therefore, there are mixed opportunities in the creator’s industry. To better understand the emergence of new […]

  April 19, 2021

Why CRED’s Marketing Tactic During IPL Season Hits It Off The Park?

Who’d have thought Rahul Dravid would lose his sh!t? In front of witnesses.  We didn’t. Even in the figments of our imagination. But that’s exactly what happened in CRED’s new campaign. The Wall turned into The Hulk. The ad was released as part of CRED’s partnership with IPL that began last year. And like the ad from 2020, you have just one thought after watching it “what the eff is happening?”  And that’s what the brand banks on – sparking […]

  April 17, 2021

5 Indian Podcasts That’ll Help You Survive The Curfew!

Video streaming has gained immense popularity among Indians over the last few years. Most of us find comfort in streaming and watching our favorite shows during the early stages of lockdown in 2020. However, video streaming is not the only thing that has gained widespread popularity in recent years.    Audio streaming is growing at a faster pace in our country. The growing affinity of millennials towards on-demand content and the dip in mobile data price have contributed to the […]

  April 15, 2021

Why Creator Content Needs Value, Authenticity And Sentiment In 2021!

When your content has value, it brings more engagement, which helps rope in more brand collaborations! What makes a content creator successful?  The ability to forge a human connection between their audience and the brand they are advocating.  How do you build that human connection? When your values align with your followers and the brand you’re promoting. If there is no synergy between the brand and you, there is little point in collaborating. Why? Because values are the glue that holds it all together.  The Need […]

  April 14, 2021

Everything You Should Know About Instagram’s Live Rooms Feature

Instagram is the biggest weapon in a creator’s arsenal. When used right, it can help you reach new audiences, get more engagement from your community and even drive more sales during a brand collaboration.  Psst: Here are some tips on using Instagram to grow your reach. And the platform knows this. That’s why Instagram keeps introducing new features. First, it was IGTV, then Stories, then pinned comments, then Reels, then authenticity measures, and now it is Live Rooms.  What is the Instagram Live Room feature? It’s […]

  April 10, 2021

With Chrissy Teigen Leaving Twitter, What Does It Say About Online Bullying?

If you have been a target of vitriolic abuse online and it has impacted your mental health, we sincerely urge you to ask for help or call the 1800-599-0019 hotline. In 2019, Twitter crowned Chrissy Teigen its unofficial mayor. Fast forward to 2021, and the mayor has officially left the town. On the 24th of March, Chrissy sent out her last thread and bid adieu to Twitter.  Which strand of online bullying broke the camel’s back?  Like most users who […]

  April 9, 2021

Creators, Here’s How To Create Authentic Content!

What’s the one thing we’ve harped on since day 1? Create. Authentic. Content.  We’ve spoken about here, here, here and here. And that’s just the start.  What we haven’t spoken about enough is how creators can create authentic content? So, that’s what we help you with today.  A quick clarification before we dive into tips to create authentic content. When we say content, we mean the sponsored or branded content that you make for a collaboration. When we say authentic, we mean it is true […]

  April 8, 2021