5 Sites To Create Your Own Websites

Well, we know that social media has taken over most of the contemporary world. We also know that you have to establish yourself as a brand to sell your content on social media, i.e to be an influencer. To brand yourself, you must have already tried sticking to a niche and thriving on social media. Wondering what else you can do? Create your own website! A website of your own can mean all your content in one place! Your blogs, […]

  July 23, 2021

Decoding Karunesh Talwar’s Instagram For Content Tips

Decoding Karunesh Talwar’s Instagram For Content Tips Who knew decoding Instagram handles of top creators could be so useful? But apparently, it is. Dig deep into influencer and content creator accounts you love, and there is much to learn.  From Sakshi Sindwani, we got clued up that it pays to be vocal about local brands. From Masoom Minawala Mehta, the takeaway was to find your personal style and stick to it even if it is flaunting Indian wear in the western world.  […]

  July 22, 2021

5 Secrets To Grow On YouTube

5 Secrets To Grow On YouTube   YouTube is ruling as a video content platform despite the rising popularity of social networking apps like Instagram and Snapchat. It has always been content creators’ favorite because of the easy conversion of views into money through advertisements, super chats, memberships, etc. YouTube views still determine whether a video is a hit or flop. But the platform has too much competition and getting views or likes is a tricky task.    Here are […]

  July 20, 2021

7 Easy-to-Implement Ideas for Engaging on Social Media

7 Easy-to-Implement Ideas for Engaging on Social Media   Creating just good content isn’t enough anymore. Marketing it the right way is equally important to grab followers attention. Thankfully Instagram has a lot of tools and features that help in increasing engagement and convincing algorithms that your content is worth showing on top. Listed below are 7 of those tips and tricks that you can implement to become an audience favourite:  Caption With A Question   These days no one […]

  July 19, 2021

Top 5 Reads For Personal Growth 

Top 5 reads for personal growth    When I started reading, self-help and development books were not my genre. I felt that books can’t tell me how to lead a good life. It’s all about how I choose to grow.  But as time went by, I began to disagree with my former self on this point as I realised that these books don’t just teach about life, but also inspires one to be the bring out the best from within.  […]

  July 17, 2021

7 Best Male Fashion Influencers To Be Inspired From!

7 Best Male Fashion Influencers To Be Inspired From! Do you remember those days when you used to go shopping with your brother, friends or boyfriend and get confused as to what to buy for them in clothes? All Looks Same right?   Dear men, we know that, we all like to outshine with our lifestyle, our fashion style. And to live such a life we do follow a few fashionista’s or fashion influencers. Here we have got a few […]

  July 16, 2021

Our OTT Junkie- Shweta’s List Of 7 Best Childhood Shows

Our OTT Junkie- Shweta’s List Of 7 Best Childhood Shows If you are identified as a true Desi kid, and remember shows like Khichadi, Sonpari then indeed you have lived your best childhood. From getting up early in the morning, all dressed up, ready with breakfast and waiting for your favorite show to come. Those were the days we lived, and want to relive. And.. To give you a small throwback, down the memory lane, our OTT Junkie – Shweta […]

  July 16, 2021

How does DYT use LinkedIn to connect with its community?

Our founder began DYT for a very simple reason. To give any content creator, big or small, a safe space to do what they love while the platform does the heavy lifting (read: find brand collaborations). But what began as a simple creator-first platform has grown into so much more over the past years. As much as we help small creators be better influencers, we also learn from them. And one such learning was to use all the channels at […]

  July 13, 2021

Nidhi’s List Of 7 Places To Visit In India With A Pocket Friendly Budget

Nidhi’s list of 7 places to visit in India with a pocket friendly budget.   Travelling isn’t cheap at all! Food, accommodation and transportation alone could put a huge dent in your pocket. So we did some digging to our favorite solo traveler Nidhi’s profile (@safarnamabynidhi) and compiled a list of 7 places in India that you could visit within a limited budget.   Pulga – Parvati Valley A little close to famous Parvati Valley is situated a small village, […]

  July 10, 2021

4 Ways YouTube Can Be Your Build-A-Community

4 ways YouTube can be your build-a-community YouTube has been around for a long time, and it’s here to stay; it won’t be an exaggeration to say that YouTube is one of the first social media platforms we have encountered.   YouTube is usually just contained into a video content hosting platform; when we do that, we forget the several influencers who garnered celebrity status by creating communities by starting as YouTubers.   Some examples would include Brad Mondo, who […]

  July 9, 2021