6 Valentine’s Day Content Ideas For Your Social Media

If you want to talk about the real power of an influencer, peeps, we don’t think there is one better than Saint Valentine. Or is there? Some believe the origins of the day are dark and bloody (the linked article gives an excellent and short TBT). We don’t care how it began. We just know it is the day (rather week) to bust out wine, candles, chocolates, flowers and oh, jewellery to show your other half some love. For creators, it is […]

  February 12, 2021

How Can DYT Campaigns Change Your Content Style For Good?

What does every creator ask themselves – How to create good content? That’s the holy grail. It’s what gets you more followers, likes, comments, shares and saves. And once you have those, you bag more brand campaigns.  Our answer to the question “how do I make great content” is always the same.  Participate in more DYT campaigns. Why? Because when practice makes a man perfect. And because we handhold creators through the entire process to change your content style for […]

  February 12, 2021

3 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Instagram Now!

Several creators often complain that they are not getting anywhere on Instagram. Growing on Instagram can be a slow process at times, but it can be done if you follow the right approach. It is important to remember that the slow growth on Instagram might not always be due to the Instagram algorithm, but it may be a result of how you are using Instagram.   If you feel that you are losing followers on Instagram or being stuck, then it […]

  February 11, 2021

How Can Creators Bring More Transparency In Influencer Marketing?

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl. And like every year, it set the stage for Super Bowl ads – precious airtime that brands pay through the nose to get. But it is not the traditional ads that caught our attention. It was the influencer inside the stadium that had our eyes glued. It took years, but it finally proved once and for all that influencer marketing works really damn well! Which creator was it? Dude With Sign – the man who shot to fame during the […]

  February 10, 2021

5 Tips For An Engaging Instagram Caption

Most people often fail to realize that managing a social media account can be quite challenging at times. You will need to do a number of things on your own when you are managing a business or influencer social media account. For starters, you will need to capture images, edit them, write copy for the image, and then add a caption before posting it on social media platforms.    Unfortunately, most of us often get stuck when writing engaging Instagram […]

  February 9, 2021

Think Social Media Has No Power? GameStonk & Reddit Prove You Wrong!

If you live, eat, sleep social media, then you’ve heard of GameStop, Hedge Funds, Shorts and Redditors in January. That’s what anyone could talk about.  For us, it was all: No, no we’re not getting into how the stock GameStop stock flew right out of Earth’s orbit and landed on Mars.  And yes, Elon had a lot to do with it (hail the power of a true influencer)!  We leave the financial mumbo jumbo to the more intelligent heads than us.  Or […]

  February 9, 2021

What Problems Do Creators Face When Creating Content?

For a seemingly simple question, the answer is awfully long and complicated. Creating content is hard. What you see on social media is far from reality. It takes work, love, and care. Given that every other person has become a creator in COVID-19 times, people are finally waking up to challenges of content creation and empathizing with influencers. So, we thought what better moment than now to talk about the problems that come with creating content.  The 5 Challenges of […]

  February 6, 2021

4 South Indian Creators Making Waves In The Digital Space

4 South Indian Creators For Your Next Influencer Campaign Approximately 70% of people in India who already use the internet prefer Indic languages over English. And 90% of new internet users want content in a language that’s similar to them.  So, we couldn’t really put it better than Think With Google: “In a vast and diverse market like India, appealing to the non-English-speaking majority of the country’s population can deepen (a brand’s) connections with new consumers…” With this in mind – that vernacular content creators […]

  February 6, 2021

Earn While You Follow Your Passion With DYT

Guest post by Aadhaar Gupta The DYT (Do Your Thng) application is an amazing platform for creators who are interested in collaborating with brands. This app acts as a link between the creator and the brand, helping the creator to focus and excel in things he/she loves to do. The best thing about this app is that it is independent of the followers’ count and on top of all, it is completely free. One can promote products to their followers […]

  February 6, 2021

Brand Advocates vs Influencers: The Battle Royale

Three months back, we wrote a blog that made the bold statement: don’t be an influencer, be a brand advocate. A lot of creators agreed with it. But just as many were confused. They wanted to know what is the difference between the two.  So, with that in mind, we give you the ultimate battle – brand advocates vs influencers.  What Is The Difference Between Brand Advocates And Influencers? Superficially, brand advocates and influencers seem similar. After all, they both […]

  February 3, 2021