5 Indian Automobile Creators You Must Check Out!

Are you an automobile enthusiast?  Interested to know more about cool motorbikes and brand-new cars?  Then we’ve got the names of automobile creators (from India) that you simply have to follow. Whether it is expert advice you want or simply some great vehicular content, these are the 5 influencers on Instagram to stan: 1) Power Drift (@powerdrift) Rohan Albal and Amit Shetty, travel and auto-enthusiasts, own this account. They create fun, engaging automobile content and provide details on every aspect […]

  September 9, 2021

7 Ways To Come Up With New Content Ideas!

Content creation is one of the most attractive industries of today, with more and more people ditching their professions to chase their calling. People have only begun to realise its massive potential in enabling them to get paid to do what they love.  Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  However, it’s not just about capturing your best life and sharing it with the world – it takes a lot more to put yourself out there.  Easy, new content ideas to get over […]


  September 8, 2021

Decoding Insta Handles: Niharika NM

Niharika NM woke up one day and thought, “I am going to make everyone’s day better and brighter.”  And she did. The digital creator with 1.8M followers at the time of writing this article has a feed worth a lot of perusals. Her signature style Niharika knows what to do to get attention quickly and also how to keep it on herself. She doesn’t hold herself back from using a South Indian accent (sometimes exaggerated, but we love it), and […]

  September 7, 2021

Say Hello To DYT Academy: Your Path To Being A Better Content Creator

We’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for years now. Everybody, and we positively mean everybody, has the power to influence. It’s a profound experience to realise this. Anyone can become a content creator.  It’s breaking moving to the next rung of the ladder that is hard. The transition is tricky, whether you are a micro-influencer with mere 2000+ followers or a macro-influencer with 50K+ followers. When you’re trying to break that ceiling, the first question you ask yourself is: […]

  September 5, 2021

8 Social media trends you need to follow!

  When we talk about living in an era of constant evolution, social media is as dynamic and volatile as it can get. Trends become outdated before one even realizes and new trends emerge from nowhere overnight. While some of these trends have been almost transient, a few others have made it clear that they are here to stay. The incredible velocity with which these trends pick up makes hopping on the bandwagon the need of the hour for creators. […]


  September 2, 2021

5 Indian finance creators, you need to check out! 

According to history, India was once considered a prosperous land in terms of trades, wealth, and lifestyle. However, somehow, India’s glory and wealth got lost in the pages of history, and that’s why it was considered a third-world country after independence. However, lately, this country is again considered amongst some of the wealthiest nations in the world. Of course, India might not be as rich as the five superpower countries in the world. But it surely is walking in their […]

  August 31, 2021

Engagement And Making Memes: A Science And An Art

Are you stuck in a cycle where you create amazing content after amazing content but still can’t reach where you want to be? Yup, that’s common and pretty normal, to be honest. But that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t do anything to change that.   Engagement: The science The science of engagement is simple to understand and necessary to stay updated. Many think that engagement in social media is like a roulette game; it’s not.  You might have heard […]

  August 27, 2021

7 Easy Hacks To Stand Out As A Brand New Blogger

Catching the eye of the audience can be really tricky especially for new bloggers as millions of them are already floating around on the internet. Here are 7 hacks to help you get through this rollercoaster ride:  Be true to yourself   Starting out as a blogger can be scary as well as confusing. You might have an idea of what you want to blog but at the same time you may not be sure about how to present it. […]

  August 27, 2021

5 legal issues influencers must get right

The Influencer Marketing Industry has witnessed expansive and disruptive growth in recent times and is expected to grow at the rate of 32 percent, compounded annually, to touch 24 billion USD by 2025. Brands instinctively are looking to make the most out of the recent boom in the growth of online communities and have their eyes set on influencers to market their products to enhance their reach and customer loyalty by cashing on the influencers’ high relatability quotient for any […]

  August 27, 2021

Fashion Influencers and Sustainability in 2021

By now you would probably already know what sustainability means with the increased awareness around it in recent years.  With the fashion industry being the worlds second-largest polluting industry, sustainability in recent years has taken up importance amongst influencers and fashion businesses. Here are some ways Influencers use their platform to contribute towards sustainability:   Thrift Shops Thrift shops have always been around but ever since the pandemic came into the picture, there has been a blowout of thrift shops […]

  August 27, 2021