7 Current Social Media Trends To Recharge Your Content Creation

7 Current Social Media Trends To Recharge Your Content Creation No matter how deep your well of inspiration is, it does run dry at some point. There are days where you’re clueless about what content to create for social media.  But since you have just one job — to create content — this simply does not do! So, we’re here with some much-needed rain and respite — current social media trends that any creator can jump on to generate engaging […]

  July 8, 2021

Write And Earn With DYT

Write And Earn With DYT Multiple thoughts in mind, a pen in hand. Writing them down all in one place. If you know how to write, or you have a flair for writing, come write for us!. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to pen down your thoughts about anything and everything related to the creator world. It’s an open platform for all the creators to get all in one place. To begin with, who can write for DYT here […]

  July 6, 2021

New Metrics Of IG Reel To Boost Content Game

New Metrics Of IG Reel To Boost Content Game The Explore page on Instagram has been for some time now been a convenient market for businesses.  No one can call creating an online presence an easy feat, but Facebook-owned Instagram uses every opportunity to reel in more and more creator-friendly tools.   Reels get an update. Reels feature of Instagram is being used heavily by content creators and business pages to gather more reach.   And why not? Reels are […]

  July 5, 2021

7 Useful Tips For Becoming A Top Instagram Influencer

7 Useful Tips For Becoming A Top Instagram Influencer Look out of the window and what do you see? A bird flying? Clouds building up in the sky? Or, maybe just a rising skyscraper? Astonishingly, spotting an Instagram influencer is that simple. Thanks to the massive explosion in digital landscape & consumption, the window to become an influencer is wide open. And why wouldn’t one aspire to become an influencer? Instagram influencers project to have it achieved all- envious lifestyle, […]

  July 1, 2021

5 Ways Content Creators Can Face Their Illustration Phobia

5 Ways Content Creators Can Face Their Illustration Phobia Illustrations are more or less the spooky forest in the online content world, they are riddled with many conditions;  “You have to be excellent at drawing”, “It takes a lot of time to be a good illustrator” “You have to be a tech wizard to be an illustrator”   Well, guess what? Albeit, it helps to be a good artist and a techy John/Joe when it comes to illustrations, but it […]

  July 1, 2021


Who is an INFLUENCER?     At this point, even the ones living under the imaginary rocks have heard the word ‘Influencer’. Did you know according to Google, there are about 3.2M – 37.8M influencers in the whole world.   But numbers are not why you are here, you’re here because either you aspire to be an influencer or you are learning more about the concept of social media marketing (or you are tired of every second person calling themselves an […]

  July 1, 2021

Decoding Bruised Passports’ Instagram For Content Tips!

Last year, during one of DYT’s AMA sessions, a content creator said something that stuck with us. “If you cannot be an original – copy, but do it with credits. It’s called being inspired.” That sent us down a rabbit hole. We pored over the Instagram handles of creators we love for inspiration. We decoded them for tips that would help other budding creators build their follower numbers.  And here we are. We’ve already put Sakshi Sindwani’s and Masoom Minawala Mehta’s Instagram under the […]

  June 29, 2021

Insights For Creators On How To Build Their Brands

A lot has been said on how content creators can build their brands on Instagram, do what they love and earn a living through it. But finding the inside scoop, right from the horse’s mouth, so to say, has been challenging. That changed about two weeks back when both Adam Mosseri and Mark Zuckerberg dropped all sorts of interesting titbits during the first-ever Creator Week. I know I’m a little to the party but some of the things discussed struck […]

  June 25, 2021

Decoding Masoom Minawala Mehta’s Instagram For Content Tips!

We’re back with yet another decoding series. It began with dissecting Sakshi Sindwani’s Instagram to give budding content creators, like you, some much-needed content tips. We’re now moving onto Masoom Minawala Mehta. Before you dive into the tips, watch this and this video by Masoom. Both offer excellent content creation tips not just for fashion and lifestyle influencers but for every creator.  The first content tip from Masoom’s Instagram is obvious – discover your personal style and create content around it.  Your content also has to be original, […]

  June 23, 2021

7 Indian Photographers You Have To Follow For Great Tips!

We all wish to relive certain breathtaking moments of our lives again and again. And the best way to do it are photographs! Here are 7 Indian photographers acing their camera game and giving us major inspiration to capture the beauty surrounding us.      Avinash Chaurasiya (mr.khachack)   Avinash sets the bar really high when it comes to capturing close-ups and aesthetic shots from unknown corners of the street. He is a photographer from Mumbai clicking everything from streets, […]

  June 21, 2021