4 South Indian Creators Making Waves In The Digital Space

4 South Indian Creators For Your Next Influencer Campaign Approximately 70% of people in India who already use the internet prefer Indic languages over English. And 90% of new internet users want content in a language that’s similar to them.  So, we couldn’t really put it better than Think With Google: “In a vast and diverse market like India, appealing to the non-English-speaking majority of the country’s population can deepen (a brand’s) connections with new consumers…” With this in mind – that vernacular content creators […]

  February 6, 2021

Earn While You Follow Your Passion With DYT

Guest post by Aadhaar Gupta The DYT (Do Your Thng) application is an amazing platform for creators who are interested in collaborating with brands. This app acts as a link between the creator and the brand, helping the creator to focus and excel in things he/she loves to do. The best thing about this app is that it is independent of the followers’ count and on top of all, it is completely free. One can promote products to their followers […]

  February 6, 2021

Brand Advocates vs Influencers: The Battle Royale

Three months back, we wrote a blog that made the bold statement: don’t be an influencer, be a brand advocate. A lot of creators agreed with it. But just as many were confused. They wanted to know what is the difference between the two.  So, with that in mind, we give you the ultimate battle – brand advocates vs influencers.  What Is The Difference Between Brand Advocates And Influencers? Superficially, brand advocates and influencers seem similar. After all, they both […]

  February 3, 2021

What Is Passion Economy? How Is It The Next Big Thing?

Remember the 1980s and the 1990s, when people believed only in conventional professions- a doctor, a government job or a businessman because any other profession was a risky deal? No one really used the word ‘entrepreneur’ at that time. There were rare ‘entrepreneurship programs’ unlike today.    Entrepreneurship is the most ‘happening profession’ of our times. Entrepreneurs are the epitome of coolness for today’s generation. Giants like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel have significantly inspired […]

  February 1, 2021

8 Ideas For Instagram Stories To Maximize Your Potential

According to the adpresso data, more than 80% of active users on Instagram watch stories every day. This means, almost double the users in your followers’ list are exposed to stories, in comparison to the posts. In short, your content strategy should be more focused on creating content on Instagram Stories. Previously, we shared a list of ways to amp up Instagram growth strategy. Today, we have specifically curated ideas that will help creators to stand out using Insta stories […]

  January 29, 2021

5 Tips For Strategizing Content To Rank Better in Instagram Algorithms

Even when we know about the 80-20 process to grow on Instagram, it’s almost impossible to scale your page without battling the likes of Insta. Algorithm.    Yes, we’re talking about reasons why creators scratch their heads, wondering about the favorability of their content on the platform. It’s crucial to remove the confusion in order to result in better engagement and therefore, we bring exclusive tips that’ll help you tackle Instagram Algorithms. But first- how does the algorithm work for […]

  January 28, 2021

How Can Influencers Change The World?

What do we do on our days off? We start by binging on content by our favourite creators and then spiral down the internet rabbit hole. That’s how one of the DYT peeps stumbled upon a video this past weekend, and we just had to share it with you. Since it’s 11 minutes long and our attention spans are fickle, here’s a little background to warm you up. Using social media through the lens of an influencer 3.6 billion people worldwide are […]

  January 27, 2021

How Does Collaborating With DYT Benefit Creators and Brands?

We are a creator-first platform. That’s a glorified way of saying you are in full control. Always.  Once you download the DYT app, you can pick any brand campaign you love, create content the way you want, and earn from it after you hit post.  But, we bet, you already knew this? What we want to talk to you about here is the advantages creators and, therefore, brands, get by collaborating with DYT.    You get to create and earn, irrespective of […]

  January 25, 2021

How Brand Users Can Be Your Best Brand Advocates

Take the example of any cult brand- their values & identity are deep-rooted in their customers. It’s a result of the value they have created over the years that has helped to transform users into advocates. And that’s the secret mantra for growing your brand in 2021- recognize & nurture brand advocacy. WHO ARE BRAND ADVOCATES? Anyone who contributes online/offline to elevate your following is a brand advocate. Their types: CUSTOMERS: The ones who take out time to write long […]

  January 23, 2021

 Influencer Starter Kit: Apps To Up Your Social Media Game

On the outside, Influencer marketing might seem like all fun and games with brands spending large amounts of cash. But that’s not it. As right now the influencer marketing scene is quite different from 2019. There is a drastic increase in the number of influencers, thanks to the pandemic. Hence, the only thing that will give you an upper hand from the rest of the folks other than your content is your social media game.   That said, influencers are […]

  January 22, 2021