The Newest Members Of Bollywood And Their Instagram!

Unlike their predecessors who courted big banners, hit directors and sometimes Salman Khan for a noteworthy launch pad, these star kids have already captured the attention of the who’s who of filmdom, fans and the media. Here is a look at the celebrity kids who could give the young stars of Bollywood a run for their money.   If you have paid close attention to the pattern followed by the gen-next of Bollywood, you definitely would’ve noticed that these aspiring […]

  April 7, 2021

Celebs Hopping In On The Reels Trends: With Their Own Twist

In today’s day and age of social media, it takes a minute for photos and videos to go viral online. From paparazzi clicks, airport photos of celebs to their going to the gym photos/videos, cinephiles are constantly refreshing their feed on social media to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars. Sadly, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, since everyone is home, we are no longer treated to celebs and their paparazzi photos, however, thanks to social media, B-town stars and […]

  April 6, 2021

DYT Updates 2021: Here’s What We’re Doing To Improve Your Experience in 2021

As a start-up that launched barely a few months before the pandemic, COVID-19 did a number on us. The plan was to fuel more workforce into the tech end of our app and make it kickass for the users in 2020.  But the powers-to-be decided to throw sanitisers, masks and dirty dishes at us. Instead of tinkering with the UI and UX of DYT, we battled with work-from-home, covid-scares and brands deciding to put campaigns on pause. But Holi just passed, bringing with […]

  April 1, 2021

The Tale Of Being Different!

– Understanding what it means to be transgender.    A big reason that prejudice and discrimination exist is lack of knowledge and ignorance. We tend to fear or attack the things we are unfamiliar with; and while this was a good defense measure in the early human days, the fact is that we don’t anymore. We have the capacity to understand and judge the things that go around us. And so, I am going to try and explain what it means […]

  March 31, 2021

Tasteful Mockery: The Tale Of Ryan Reynold’s Social Media

Personality with a dash of quirkiness- that’s what everyone’s hoping to have in Social Media- to capture the audience, to make them laugh- all the while delivering the information in crisp and clear ways.  This might sound tough but there is one man who can do it all- Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds)!   His social media is something of a trailblazer. There is so much information and noise coming from social media every second of the day, especially in this COVID-19 […]

  March 30, 2021

5 Food Bloggers Killing It This Holi!

One thing we’ve got to admit- Indian festivals have the best food! Each festival has its own type of food and we are all just pawns waiting to attack whenever we can. Well, the last year has however changed this with festival celebrations getting smaller and hence the food items getting lesser. Nevertheless, we still gotta do what we gotta do- make the yummy food ourselves and eat it all by ourselves- safely at home.  Here are 5 food bloggers […]

  March 28, 2021

Women’s Day At Do Your Thng: A Recap

The 8th of March. Yes, Women’s Day was a Monday. And we all know what Mondays are like. Coffee, catch up with work, tea, more catch up, another coffee. Rinse, repeat.  We could barely squeeze out the time to tip our hats to content creators, killing it on social media by keeping it real. That’s not to say we didn’t celebrate. We did. Covid-style on Zoom.  A throwback to 8th March at DYT The DYT Table seats a majority of women. So […]

  March 26, 2021

More Reach Or More Followers? The Never-Ending Battle

With a growth spurt in social media activities and the huge number of social media accounts, various metrics are used to prioritize, classify, or differentiate these profiles from the others. These metrics are used by many creators, brands as well as social media marketing organizations to assess the quality of social media profiles.  Some of the most popular metrics used are the number of followers and social media reach of that account.      Every other person on social media […]

  March 24, 2021

Everything You Should Know About Snapchat’s New Feature: Spotlight

One of the highlighting features of Snapchat that made it incredibly popular among social media users is the stories feature. The stories feature were used by both Instagram and Facebook. In fact, even Twitter recently rolled out Fleet, their own stories feature.    The best thing about Snapchat is that it has not become a medium that is used by large companies and businesses to market their products and services. Snapchat continues to greatly focus on unique and compelling user-generated […]

  March 24, 2021

Convert A Basic Instagram Account to a Creator or Business Profile: Should You?

Hell yeah, you should!     When Instagram started, there was just one profile – basic. You could keep it private or make it public. But time changes everything, and so did Instagram. The photo-sharing platform unleashed on us Business Profiles. These came with contact buttons on the main page, insight tools and of course, shoppable posts. ‘Gram is now bringing another change. It is disabling the Instagram Legacy API Platform and finally migrating to Facebook Graph API.  When you […]

  March 22, 2021