How Brands Are Adapting To The New World?

Brands adapting to the new world Or Thinking Forward While Staying Safe   Year 2020! Life has been upended, twisted, and tossed in ways unimaginable.   It sure looks like an episode from Black Mirror, but this is our new reality. And it’s time we took our control back and steered past the virus with extra precautions and guards.    We have to adapt soon as this virus doesn’t believe in respecting any boundaries. Not only has it challenged our […]

  August 26, 2020

Be Something More: AMA With Vishakha Sodha

You meet some creators, and you’re amazed at how profound their knowledge and expertise is in a niche.  And then there is Vishakha. A former actor, a VJ, an entrepreneur, a voice-over artist, and, of course, a creator. Vishakha Sodha has worn many hats, and she dons them all with aplomb.  For our second AMA, I sat down with one thought – as a creator with tons of different experiences under her belt, Vishakha would be a font of information. That did turn out […]

  August 26, 2020

DYT x DaMensch: #AsSoftAs Campaign

#AsSoftAs goose down? Baby’s bottom? Kitten’s paw? Turns out we were wrong on all counts. It is #AsSoftAs a DaMensch! We’ll stop beating about the bush and get right to it. The AsSoftAs Campaign: DYT X DaMensch DYT ran a campaign with DaMensch a while back. Haven’t heard of the brand? Well, you should. The men’s innerwear brand is breaking the status quo one dapper design at a time. And we collaborated with them on their newest creator campaign – As Soft As.  What […]

  August 26, 2020

How Are India’s Creative Professionals Finding Their Finesse?

Ever wondered from where do these artists get their inspiration? Heath Ledger for the role of Joker, in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, is said to have stayed in one room for months surrounded by paintings and materials that helped him build his character for the movie. And look at how the performance turned out to be! One of my musician friends who likes to travel because it gives him a sense of understanding tells me, ‘Music and rhythm exist everywhere’. […]

  August 25, 2020

Make Money With Product Integration Campaigns

Tap into your creative side, it’s time to talk about Custom Content! What is Custom Content? It is the creation of ‘branded content’ for a brand. And, for the most part, custom content is created for the client to communicate with their own existing customers.   But then why should a creator do this? Two things – money & recognition!   Obviously, when you will sell your images to the brands you will get credits in your DYT wallet. But […]

  August 21, 2020

Introducing Creatorboard!

Quality content is a vital asset for any organization, even for us. To be honest, we have been quite lucky in this area as our creators have been sending us these quality content from time to time.    We know that you put in a lot of hard work in creating those beautiful content pieces, hence we want you to get paid for them!   We are rolling out a new feature “Creatorboard” for all the DYT unpaid campaigns   […]

  August 20, 2020

Gaana’s UGC Feature Is A Chance To Show What You Got!!

Have you ever fallen for a song after watching it play in the background of your favourite TV series? Or seen an online snippet and wanted to listen to the whole song? Remember Chris Brown’s ‘FOREVER’ played in Pam and Jim’s wedding from The Office? I want my friends and family to dance like that at my wedding. Have you ever had the same thoughts about a song? Gaana has a library of over 45 million songs across several genres […]

  August 20, 2020

7 Creators Who Are Conquering The Towers of Profession & Passion!!

People usually have a hard time holding on to one job. Many of them are stressed and are in distress because of their ‘9 to 5s’! Taking time out to take care of their own health is a whole new issue especially during this pandemic when the need is to work from home. The load of work has increased since the travel time has reduced. It often becomes difficult to take time out for oneself. In such a situation, following […]

  August 18, 2020

5 Steps To Take The Perfect Photos With Your Phone!

With the growing technology and innovation, people have it all on their palms! One such thing is the cameras! There was a time when to get a pretty picture, one had to have a digital camera or a DSLR! Those days are long gone, all thanks to the likes of Samsung, Apple, and Oppo. Not only, can you get awesome clicks for your Instagram page but also have a memory bank for yourself. However, there are some people who do […]

  August 17, 2020

5 Complicated Shows That You’ll Love

… that is if you have the daring, bravery and valour for series that are as complicated as pronouncing (or baking) croissants! We like our shows as simple as boiling water.  Anything more complex and our homebound, Zoom-fatigued minds get scrambled like eggs.  We’re happy with stuff like Schitt’s Creek like we’re happy with a plain, chocolate cake baked on the stovetop at home.  But we do know a certain someone (*cough Person 2 cough*), who likes layers in TV shows.  If you’re one of those […]

  August 17, 2020