2021 Half Yearly Recap: Memes Edition

2021 is turning out to be one hell of an eventful year! Here’s a summary of all that happened so far:     January Shattered Our Hopes! We all entered 2021 with new hope expecting it to be better than that dreadful 2020. But alas! bad news started pouring in from the first week itself. Remember the attack on the US Capitol by Trump supporters?      Source Then the farmers’ protest in Delhi took a violent turn. All our […]

  June 18, 2021

Bloggers: Here’s How You Increase Organic Traffic

Every social media platform is a space you rent. You don’t own it. If they decide to shut down or get banned (think TikTok), your hands are tied. That’s why we urge all content creators to have their own blog.  It is a space that’s yours. You completely control it. But blogging is not easy, especially in today’s world where every second person is doing it. That’s why we bring you simple tips to help increase organic traffic to your […]

  June 17, 2021

5 Ways To Implement Your Engaging Ideas On Social Media

If you are here, it means you are looking for the most optimal usage of your social media platform.  Whether you are aiming to be an influencer or trying to create a digital presence for your brand or business, social media platforms are the place to be, but then again with over 3 billion people using the same platforms as you, it might be a tad bit difficult to reach your target audience or to find your niche.  The best […]

  June 16, 2021

7 Youtube Lifestyle Bloggers You Must Follow

We are living in the era of continuously changing trends. New fashion styles, makeup brands and beauty looks are popping up everyday. Here’s a list of 7 YouTube bloggers that you must follow to keep up with new trends and boost your chic lifestyle:    Debasree Banerjee   Debasree Banerjee is a young lifestyle blogger and beauty enthusiast. She is an Asamese beauty with strong persuasion and organization skills. Her channel is full of makeup, hairstyling and other grooming related […]

  June 15, 2021

5 Indian Influencers Leaving An Impact

Influencers sincerely working towards making an impact are so rare these days! If you are too done with scrolling through all superficial accounts, here’s a list of 5 Indian influencers you can follow who are using their popularity to bring change in the society:      Dr. Trinetra Gummaraju ( @trintrin ) A transwoman who is unapologetically herself is changing the world. Trinetra’s Instagram journey began when she started talking about her journey as a transwoman. She is vocal about […]

  June 14, 2021

10 Tips To Increase Your Productivity At Home

Have you had one of those days when you are talking over the phone with a friend or a relative, scrolling through your social media and its already noon and you realize you have not done anything productive so far. If this happens once in a while, its ok, but if this happens on a daily basis, you need to pull up your socks. You cannot just while away your precious time doing nothing and later be stressed about the […]

  June 12, 2021

10 Canva & Lightroom Shortcuts To Make Designing Ctrl + Easy!

Worried about designing your content swiftly? Scratching your head over using Lightroom & Canva tools/techniques? Stuck in selecting that background element? We have all been there. You’re riddled by numerous queries in the beginning. A creator’s journey can be overwhelming for there’s no specific route but only software to choose from. So, before designing your next piece of content, bless your skills with these amazing Lightroom & Canva shortcuts to reserve time only for creativity (no blocks!). 1) Selecting Elements […]

  June 11, 2021

Tech: The Big Enabler Of Creator Economy

This decade, tech will be the wrench that splits open the closed door of the creator economy, allowing the democratisation of wealth. Let me explain how. Tech made it possible for people to make a living out of their passion. Anyone with a grain of creativity could earn through platforms like YouTube. Enough of an earning that kids today would rather be a YouTuber than an astronaut. But as much as the creator economy allowed anybody to grow and succeed, […]

  June 5, 2021

6 Simple Things You Can Do This World Environment Day from home

One of the lessons that we have learnt from this pandemic is to love and nurture nature. In our quest to grow as humans, we have taken the environment for granted. But when the sea level rises, and nature returns all the trash that we put into it  through floods and tsunamis, that should be enough realization for us to stop and think. Nature is sending us a message and we know we have been faltering in our acts and […]

  June 5, 2021

Upcoming Instagram Features Content Creators Should Lookout For

Of all the social media platforms, we are partial to Instagram big time. And there is a valid reason for it. The photo-sharing site continuously adds new tools and features that uplift content creators.  From shoppable tags to Reels to long-form Guides, Instagram does the utmost to support creators. And it has done it once again!  Mark Zuckerberg announced some cool new features during a Live session with Adam Mosseri a few days back.  And we’re waiting with bated breath.  Why? Because the tools help […]

  June 5, 2021