6 Things To Keep in Mind Entering 2021 As An Influencer

Even before the inception of social media, brands were trying to trigger an emotional response from the consumers. They have been curating their communication by roping in celebrities for better reach and connect. The process resulted in a winning situation for them where audiences started advocating for the product for celebrity i.e- Sachin Tendulkar & Boost. But enter 2021,  where audiences feel spammed with celebrities singing praises about a product. The missing “trust factor” has paved the way for a […]

  January 12, 2021

The 411 On Food Blogging: Putting The Lens On Writing

In food blogging, people taking pictures of food is a common sight. So common, in fact, that we’ve stopped noticing the person sitting in a cafe clicking a platter of sautéed mushrooms from all angles instead of relishing it. After all, a pretty food photo gets you a modicum of likes on Instagram. A beautiful one increases the count, and a truly delicious one gets you shares. The more appealing they are, the better the engagement.  It is safe to […]

  January 11, 2021

6 Myths About Influencer Marketing Busted

Influencer marketing can be a golden opportunity for brands looking to raise awareness, initiate discussions, and include some form of engagement around their product/service. But, it still makes managers scratch their heads in finding the best practices to work with a creator on a campaign. This right here, paves the way for myths that makes a brand step back from working with creators. After rolling out “2021 Influncer Marketing Trends”, we’re here to bust myths about influencer marketing that have […]

  January 8, 2021

Use Your Social Media Reach For The Good

We can spend ages talking, explaining, and expounding on how social media is meant for more things than mere selfies. But while we are lovers of words, we humbly accept that sometimes actions speak much, much louder. In that spirit, we give you examples of how social media platforms and Instagram influencers are using the space for collective good.  4 Examples Of Using Social Media For Good When it helped women stand against a world of abuse: When it got people […]

  January 7, 2021

The Creator Road To 2021: 4 Influencer Marketing Trends

Nano and micro-influencers will grow as will video content. Those were our predictions for 2020. And despite the pandemic, they proved true. So true that the two influencer marketing trends show no sign of abating this year. But we predict we’ll see more trends that pave the creator road in 2021. Let’s unpack each of them.   Video remains the king, queen and kingdom.   2021 will continue to see the rise of video formats. Investing in it is all but mandatory for creators […]

  January 6, 2021

5 Tips On How You Can Get More Brand Collaborations

If you could ask yourself one simple question all day long which would help you make better decisions, generate better outcomes, reduce your stress, increase your sense of fulfillment and improve your business and personal life, would you want to know what that one question was? I know I would.   Which is why this past Sunday, while sipping a cup of coffee, as I was thinking about you (and the rest of the Do Your Thng community) I kept […]

  January 4, 2021

The Art Of Getting A Handle On Haters, And Outright Trolls 

A while back, news leaked that Instagram is playing with a minor change in its app that can have a radical impact. The photo-sharing site might hide those pesky little numbers that we see in front of Views and Hearts. The move pricked up our ears. The reverse-engineer who caught the change came with receipts: https://twitter.com/wongmjane/status/1118970853654290432/photo/1 Why did this alleged tweaking make us sit up straight and listen? The reasons are binary (and really close to our hearts). One, by […]

  January 2, 2021

The Transformation In Influencer Marketing In 2020

Blursday.  That’s how 2020 went for most of us. We didn’t know when Monday turned into Friday or April to August. What we do know is the year that ‘doesn’t count’ is ending. (Thank you, dear sweet baby Jesus!) So, all of us at DYT say down together (virtually, of course) to reminisce how influencer marketing changed in 2020. The gist?  The few brands who didn’t see the value of digital content creators finally did. While the number of influencer […]

  December 30, 2020

DYT 2020 ⏪

This was a tempestuous year. One of the things that helped me get through it was the community at DYT. And when I say community, it includes team members but especially creators.  Without you, 2020 would have been a black hole. Your content gave us information when we panicked the most. It gave us belly-laughs when smiles began to dwindle. But most of all, it gave us hope, when none was to be found.  With that indispensable hat tip, I […]

  December 29, 2020

7 Tips To Help New Instagram Creators Increase Reach & Following

Are you starting your content creation journey on Instagram? New to the game of engagement & likes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To help you ace your creation strategy and gain prominence on instagram (that’s where you spend time anyway), we’ve created a list of essential tips. Check them down below: Experiment & Innovate   Consider your profile as your Dexter’s Laboratory. Be creative and try your hands at different styles and formants to eventually find out what’s engaging […]

  December 29, 2020