Travel Blogging: Traverse Beyond The Tried And Tested

Fernweh (ˈfɛrnve), German: The ache for travel Trust the German language to have a word for that feeling of wanderlust where your soul craves to see far-flung locations. Travel bloggers will agree. More so after the pandemic, when crossing borders is seriously restricted.  That brings us to the topic du jour. What does travel blogging look like beyond the tried and tested? Travel blogging ideas for creating unique content A usual travel blog is a place where you document all your journeys. Well, […]

  March 19, 2021

Which Social Media Is Ruling Over The World?

There are 7.9 billion people in the world. 4.5 Billion of them use the internet. That’s almost 60% of the population.  How many of them use social media? Over 3.8 billion. That’s almost half of the world.                     How many hours do people spend online? 6 hours 43 minutes. That’s equal to 100 days a year. And if you sleep 8 hours a day, it means 40% of your waking time […]

  March 18, 2021

Creators: Expectations vs Reality 

All of us are more or less aware that Instagram isn’t a platform to depict the most accurate account of our lives. As a new creator you have certain expectations which we will be debunking today.   That perfect exclusive spot                 Influencers believe in exclusivity but it’s difficult to find such a place. You expect going to one but all you find is a crowd.    Money, Money everywhere! You expect getting […]

  March 17, 2021

5 Fashion Trends Content Creators Should Watch Out For This Year

We know nada about fashion, or at least this writer doesn’t. If it’s comfortable, we’re happy to wear it. And since most of us are still working from home (read: from our beds), fashion hasn’t really been on our minds. But after a year of pandemic, we wanted some joy and, kid you not, some style. So, we let more intelligent minds prevail when it came to fashion trends for 2021. We scrolled (and scrolled and scrolled) down the Instagram feeds of […]

  March 16, 2021

5 Updates Bloggers Can Make To Improve Search Rankings

The percentage of internet users who read blogs is estimated to be around 77 percent. This means that you will be able to showcase your works to a wider audience through Blogging. However, you will also need to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you want to drive more traffic to your blogs or website.    The most wonderful thing about SEO is that it offers an equal number of opportunities to everyone. So, if you are able to […]

  March 15, 2021

7 Things Brands Want To See In Your Media Kit

If your dream is to become a successful content creator or social media influencer, then you must have a media kit. Content creators and influencers who have a media kit will be able to showcase their work and expertise to brands.    In addition to that, having a media kit will make you look professional along with helping you build credibility. A unique and creative media kit can do wonders for content creators and influencers. For instance, such a media […]

  March 15, 2021

5 Reasons All Creators Should Have A Media Kit

If you are a content creator, then you might be familiar with the term media kit. However, if you are a newbie content creator, you might not have a clear idea on what a media kit really is. Most brands ask content creators and influencers who have reached out to them to send their media kit. If you are unfamiliar with media kits, then the question from brands will leave you worried.    However, you don’t have to stay worried […]

  March 12, 2021

Social Media ROI: Which Platform Fits Your Marketing Goal?

How does a marketer know if a campaign is working or not? By tracking ROI. That’s why calculating the return on investment is crucial. It lets you know how much you are getting out of the time and resources invested.  The formula for ROI is simple: (revenue growth – investment)/ invest *100. But when it comes to social media marketing, like an influencer campaign, the lines get blurry. Brands struggle to quantify ROI because the impact of the campaign is […]

  March 11, 2021

Are You A Content Creator? 5 Tips For A Better Mental Health

Content creators and social media influencers are constantly told to be authentic or be themselves. When you are a content creator, you will be probably sharing your feelings and thoughts with your followers to open up discussions. This is a wonderful way to get to know your followers and have engaging conversations with them.    However, there will be some people among your followers who may try to bring you down. This can negatively impact your mental health at times. […]

  March 11, 2021

6 Kickass Female Creators Whose Insta Content Is Both Real & Inspiring!

We could exhaust an ocean of ink by quoting powerful words today. But we won’t.  As part of a creator-community that predominantly identifies as female, we know that women rule the world. And they do it while wearing heels (or not) and carrying a child in their arms (or not). What we will do is bow down to six female creators who are killing it on Instagram. They inspire by keeping their content 💯. Harman Sindhu Or, as you may […]

  March 8, 2021