Give Me More: Likes, Followers, Hearts, Retweets, Shares, Yadda, Yadda

They said don’t worry about your follower numbers. They said it was a vanity metric. They said it’s immaterial. Thought leaders may opine day and night, but it is as obvious as a certain-lip-kit-selling celeb’s augmented lips that they do matter. The number of followers you have, the number of shares your content gets and the amount of engagement you extract are basics for an online influencer. They establish your credibility and authority. And let’s not even get started about […]

  September 23, 2019

DYT’s The Dictionary: Understanding Influencer Marketing Lingo Part 2

“Let’s break for elevenses” were the words that got the whole DYT cabal stuck. The word ‘break’ was much understood and much appreciated. It was ‘elevenses’ that had many of us scratching our heads. FYI, it is the time between breakfast and lunch when you have a light snack. Since food is an altar, all of us pray at, that’s all the explanation we needed.  It was during the break that our collective minds halted on the same point. Words, […]

  September 23, 2019

DYT’s The Dictionary: Understanding Influencer Marketing Lingo

This article is the first of a three-part series we call “The Dictionary.” What’s The Dictionary? It is your way into becoming fluent in influencer-speak. It explores the buzzwords creating a storm in the world of online influencer marketing.  As creators, we know that generating content takes time. It takes so much time that most of it should have been completed yesterday. Where does that leave you? It leaves you stranded in a sea of influencer marketing jargons with nary an idea […]

  September 17, 2019

Using The Hashtag: Tricks To Better Discoverability

We know you know what # means. We’re the age that recognises the symbol as a hashtag and not as the number sign. So, instead of insulting your intelligence and extolling its definition, we dive into how to make you, the content creator, more discoverable through them. How do we do that? By eyeballing how to use hashtags. Correctly.  One caveat before we begin: the post doesn’t talk about how to research the right hashtags. If we include it, we’ll exhaust an ocean of ink. That’s a topic […]


  September 12, 2019

Let’s Take the Filter Off of Influencer Marketing

2.38 billion dollars, that’s the budget set for Influencer Marketing by companies this year. Wondering how the industry reach this exorbitant number? Watch this short Instagram post. (Believe us; the answer lies in it!) By now, half of you are nodding and thinking “that’s Mila!” At the ripe young age of 2, the tiny influencer had thousands of followers. At 4, she has 2 million.  Every post KC Stauffer, Mila’s mother, makes is watched by hundreds of eyes and liked […]

  September 10, 2019

Knocking On The Grey Cells Of Influencers: Don’t Hire, Collaborate

The sneaky bombshell we dropped a few days back said “76% of Indian internet users have their digital purchases influenced by social media,” i.e., the power of top instagram influencers is saying, “I am here, and you can’t ignore me.”  Today, we go all Kanye (read: tweet controversial thoughts) and tell a tale, if not as old as time, then at least close to it. Watson and Crick. Procter and Gamble. Lennon and McCartney. And, of course, Adidas and Kanye.  […]

  September 10, 2019

The Art Of Getting A Handle On Haters, And Outright Trolls 

A while back, news leaked that Instagram is playing with a minor change in its app that can have a radical impact. The photo-sharing site might hide those pesky little numbers that we see in front of Views and Hearts. The move pricked up our ears. The reverse-engineer who caught the change came with receipts: Why did this alleged tweaking make us sit up straight and listen? The reasons are binary (and really close to our hearts). One, by […]

  September 10, 2019

Use Your Social Media For Good

We can spend ages talking, explaining, and expounding on how social media is meant for more things than mere selfies. But while we are lovers of words, we humbly accept that sometimes actions speak much, much louder. In that spirit, we give you examples of how social media platforms and Instagram influencers are using the space for collective good.  4 Examples Of Using Social Media For Good When it helped women stand against a world of abuse: When it got people […]

  September 10, 2019

The Stunning Rise Of Shared Economy Platforms

As a young entrepreneur, the one question I am asked infinite times is “what’s a shared economy platform?” Bear with me, those of you rolling your eyes. You are the outliers. The average person doesn’t look at Uber and Airbnb from your eye-glass. For them, these are just apps that help catch a ride or book a stay.    Another reason I am asked an explanation is the relative novelty of Do Your Thng. Few are able to catch the […]

  September 10, 2019

What Happens When Instagram Likes Are Gone?

Since time immemorial (read: 2010), the heart of Instagram has been ‘the heart.’ The icon has had the power to tear down the throne of Kylie Jenner and give it to an egg. It’s a validator of sorts. Get enough of them and you are a social media influencer. Fail and you are awake at 0-dark-thirty obsessing over a measly post. In so many words, for every positive of the ‘heart,’ there is an equally dominant negative. And Instagram knows […]

  September 10, 2019