Write For DYT: Rules And Guidelines To Follow

We began Do Your Thng with a simple goal – to help creators do what they love. We wanted to give you a platform that made content creation simple. We also wanted to build a community where everyone had a chance to amplify their voice.  To that end, we are starting a new type of campaign. It is open to all creators.  You can now write for DYT.  If you’re a blogger, poet, storyteller or simply someone bursting to put […]

  June 4, 2021

Instagram’s New Remix Feature: How to use it

Since the launch of Reels in India in July 2020, Instagram has been improving the platform by introducing new features from time to time. Recently, Instagram has come up with Remix option which is in line with the Duet feature on Tik-Tok.  It allows the creators to be creative, show their perspective and collaborate with other content creators on Reels. Let’s get into more details and understand the Remix feature better;   What is the Reel Remix Feature?   Remix […]

  June 3, 2021

7 Useful Tips To Become A Top Instagram Influencer

Look out of the window and what do you see? A bird flying? Clouds building up in the sky? Or, maybe just a rising skyscraper? Astonishingly, spotting an Instagram influencer is that simple. Thanks to the massive explosion in the digital landscape & consumption, the window to become an influencer is wide open. And why wouldn’t one aspire to become an influencer? Instagram influencers project to have it achieved all- envious lifestyle, eloquent luxury, and significant influence. The 3 major […]

  June 2, 2021

Decoding Sakshi Sindwani’s Instagram For Content Tips!

Like parents, we can’t be partial towards one creator. But when we look at Sakshi Sindwani’s content, we just can’t help falling in love with her (🎵). The content creator, YouTuber and body-positivity advocate has an unabashed content style. From not missing a viral challenge to experimenting with daring trends, she does it all.  But what’s more, she does it with a personal twist that keeps followers hooked. So, we decided to dive deep into her Instagram and decode it […]

  May 26, 2021

7 Beauty Micro-Influencers From The DYT Community You Must Check Out!

We’re not going to waste your time introducing beauty content creators. You likely follow at least one unless you’ve been living under a rock. So, without further ado, here are seven beauty micro-influencers that caught our eye    iamroshanichand Followers: 34.4k  Roshani is a beauty and fashion content creator. But more than that, she is a body positivity advocate. We love a creator who amplifies loving your own skin and body. Her content is a fun blend of affordable fashion […]

  May 24, 2021

4 Tips To Protect Your Instagram From Getting Hacked!

You upload a picture on Instagram and are excited about the likes and comments that you got from your viewers. But something goes wrong the next day. You try to log in but can’t – Access is denied. You realize your account has been hacked. Feels scary right? Off late many people have complained about their accounts being hacked but as hackers try all their means to get into your account, you as a user should make sure that all […]

  May 22, 2021

7 Stand-Up Comic Influencers Helping Us Smile Through The Crisis

Right now, it’s hard to stay motivated. With all that’s happening around our morale requires constant uplifting. Even a teeny tiny bit of encouragement is appreciated these days and personally, we love how Indian Stand Up comics are helping us sail through the crisis. They make us smile, share positivity, and lend a hand whenever needed.  Even their fractional glimpse on our feed is a welcoming sight. Let’s have a look at these funny people and follow them to loosen […]

  May 22, 2021

7 Sustainable-Lifestyle Influencers You Have To Follow!

Thinking about adopting a sustainable lifestyle? Looking for motivation to go green? These new-age influencers will give you all the encouragement you need to live an organic life:    Trash is for tossers (@trashisfortossers)   This account is managed by Lauren, a popular New York activist and advocate of zero waste products. She also started two companies: Package Free Shop for promoting eco-friendly products and The Simply Co for selling vegan and organic laundry detergents.    Plant-Based Blonde (@plantbasedblonde)   […]

  May 20, 2021

7 International Shows You Can Watch To Lighten Up Your Mood

Sometimes all we need is a little break from our routine life and have a good laugh. Here is a compilation of 7 international sitcoms to watch when you just want to relax and have fun:     Atypical   It is the story of an autistic teenager Sam looking for a girlfriend and independence from his mother. Atypical attempts to create humour from the self-discovery process of its characters. This makes the show bold and different from all the […]

  May 19, 2021

7 Indian OTT Releases You Can Watch To Lighten Your Mood

Bored of the Saas-Bahu drama on television? Here are 7 Indian made web series released on OTT platforms that you can watch for lightening up your mood:      Yeh Meri Family   Yeh Meri Family is all about nostalgia for 90s kids. It takes us back to the simpler times of our lives when major stress was buying cool stickers and completing holiday homeworks. This series has a brilliant story, excellent casting and heart-touching dialogues. Watch it with your […]

  May 18, 2021