10 Best Workplace Comedies That Will ‘Almost’ Make You Regret Working From Home

Now that everyone is working from home for at least three months now, you must be missing that workplace fun. We all have those colleagues cracking lame jokes, enlightening the room with their hilarious anecdotes. We bet you are missing those fun-filled eating breaks in the pantry and gossip sessions with your favourite co-worker along with that evening tea.    To remind you of all those joyous times at your office, we have curated a list of 10 best comedy […]

  June 23, 2020

Moving Beyond iGen: Influencer Marketing for Older Generations

When we say influencer the image building in your mind is of a person most likely Snap-ing or Gram-ing. But these people – Gen Y and Gen Z – are only a fraction of the people spending time on social media.  Gen X and Baby Boomers are in there too. In fact, Generation X spends 2 hours on social platforms every day! So, why do brands (and creators) tend to forget this? When you use influencer marketing, the smart thing […]

  June 20, 2020

Why am I not getting brand collaborations and how can I change that

If you could ask yourself one simple question all day long which would help you make better decisions, generate better outcomes, reduce your stress, increase your sense of fulfillment and improve your business and personal life, would you want to know what that one question was? I know I would.   Which is why this past Sunday, while sipping a cup of coffee, as I was thinking about you (and the rest of the Do Your Thng community) I kept […]

  June 16, 2020

What Are Influencers Really Influencing?

TL;DR: It’s you. Creators sway your opinion on anything and everything!   As 2019 rolled on, influencer marketing became part of the big leagues. It went from being an afterthought to being an integral part of the marketing strategy. Brands began to allocate budgets specifically for influencer campaigns.  The change happened due to two facets. One, the tools of measurement available to evaluate the success of a campaign improved. Two, the breadth of creators increased by leaps and bounds. This […]

  June 15, 2020

Must Have Gears For Your Film-Making Kit

You might want to get into the wonderful world of videography, or simply would want to boost your film-making skills. But the key is – Gears, gears, gears! Filmmakers love their gears.   But there is a huge range of gadgets and gizmos available, so it can be daunting knowing where to start.   Luckily, we’ve put together the must-have gears for a film-making kit, so you are prepared.    Tripod: You can always use a good set of sticks, […]

  June 13, 2020

How To Voice Your Opinion On Political Issues. 6 Useful Tips For Content Creators

This year has been quite eventful until now. From new political agendas, uprising of social issues and natural calamities, 2020 has it all. With so many updates and discoveries, social media creators are eager to express their opinions and stances, especially with respect to political issues arising around the globe.  Every day, we are enlightened with some hot piece of news to deal with and discuss. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. Social media platforms exist not only to […]

  June 9, 2020

Formal Gossip Episode 2: The entrepreneurial take on content creation

For the first episode of Formal Gossip, our online video call series, I hosted a creator still relatively new to the field. It’s been a year since Kriti started producing content, yet in that time she’s built a community 132k strong.   The conversation with her was all about giving new creators a glimpse of the journey, the challenges you face, and how to balance a full-time job with a creative career happily. For the second episode, I opted for a veteran creator […]

  June 2, 2020

Formal Gossip Episode 1: What’s behind a blogger’s pretty picture?

To quote Kriti, it is tons of videography, production, editing, photography, and with it comes a lot of challenges. Formal Gossip is our way of helping you through it.   When the lockdown began, Do Your Thng had to pivot. What we had planned for the coming time went on pause, and we started focusing on how to help creators in the ensuing weeks.   During one of the brainstorming sessions, the idea for a weekly chat session germinated and […]

  May 29, 2020

6 Indian meme pages on Instagram to follow RN!

It’s mid-2020 already!    The world came together to fight the devastating Australian wildfires. COVID-19 stopped the world — but not heroic healthcare workers. Tiger King unleashed a slew of incredible memes. J. Lo and Shakira crushed the Super Bowl halftime show.    Anything and everything is happening in this world.  But one thing which is so far constant in our lives is our love for memes. Seems like sharing, tagging, and taking screenshots of memes will never become old […]

  May 27, 2020

11 Brilliant Handmade Gifting Creators On Instagram

Someone said, “Something hand-made is much more meaningful”, and we agree with the statement.  We often neglect the efforts of people who craft useful and meaningful items. Their art not only symbolizes the hard work but also represents the personal touch and passion with which they work. These creators curate their art with devotion and dedication.    To make you aware of some amazing handmade gifting stuff and ideas, we have prepared a list of 11 handmade gifting creators on […]

  May 23, 2020