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2 Insider Insights On Why Creators Make Safe, Effective Bets For Brands

The pandemic has been a harbinger of many unexpected events, but who knew that an increase in retail sales would be one of them? And it ran parallel to the boom of influencer marketing, with brands, big and small, turning to creators to promote their products. All because the time spent by audiences on social […]


  November 23, 2021

5 Tips For Influencers To Get Brand Collaborations

Have you doubted the journey to financial freedom as an influencer? Have you been demotivated or questioned this path? You’re not alone. Most new content creators struggle to transform their passion into a career. But the good news is that trends, brands and consumers are all on your side. Over the last few years, influencer […]


  November 19, 2021

The Etiquettes Of Communicating With Influencers

How does an influencer marketing campaign commence? Quite intuitively, it begins with influencer outreach. But more importantly, it begins with effective communication. It is the first and unarguably the most vital step of a campaign. On it rests the likelihood of success. With that as backdrop, we walk you through the etiquettes of communicating with […]


  November 11, 2021

A Comprehensive Guide To Brand Collaborations For Every Creator

Established content creators with their #vacay pics and travelogues make collaborations look easy. For the creators who are still finding their footing, paid collabs are more like dreams, continually out of reach.  How does a content creator collaborate with the bazillion brands out there?  It’s the burning question every creator has.  So, we’re answering it.  […]


  November 2, 2021

7 Ways Creators Can Use Instagram To Sell More

The Internet changed everything, from how we learn to how we work. With social media channels adding the shop feature, it is also changing the way we buy things.  The hallmarks of social commerce (that’s buying or selling on social media) were already there. COVID-19 just accelerated them. In early December, Adam Mosseri tweeted that […]


  October 29, 2021

How Creators Help Brands Crack New Markets

Entering a new market is never easy for brands. The reasons are myriad, sons, but the crux is that every brand is formed and honed in the home market.  UNCTAD says online retail sales jumped by 3%, with the global value of e-commerce reaching $26.7 trillion. For brands, it paints a clear picture. You now […]


  October 28, 2021

Don’t Kill Creativity In Paid Media Campaigns

Brands are coming to an understanding of the power that paid media campaigns can offer. They are an amazing way to help boost your brand, with multiple pros. You can reach your next pool of customers with precise targeting and actionable insights. Turn any social media post into an ad instantly. Keep a tight control […]


  October 27, 2021

Festive Season: Busy Business Hours For Creators

Well, well, well, if it is not that time of the year! We are past Dussehra, and we are all waiting for the grandest festival to be celebrated in the North of India – which means it is also the holiday season.  Holidays = People sitting at home = More time to be active on […]


  October 26, 2021

Declining A Brand Collaboration? Be Polite.

I am sure many of you’ve wondered at some point or the other how do people make money on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook? The answer is simple as well as complex. Creators earn mostly from brand collaborations.  What are brand collaborations? It’s an agreement between the creator and brand. Wherein the creator endorses a […]


  October 25, 2021

Why Do Your Thng Is Perfect For Micro- And Nano-Influencers?

Hoping to land your dream collab?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  We know that most of you have thought of earning some extra moolah from Instagram or Facebook. Even if you don’t have that coveted blue tick yet.  But as a micro or nano-influencer, finding a brand that is ready to pay you […]

  September 24, 2021

Here’s How You Become An Influencer! With Love, DYT

Anybody who believes the wide web of social media is a fad is #craycray. It is very much alive, and it is here to stay. Tell us, if it was going to be lost in the mists of antiquity would Instagram reach 1 billion active monthly users.  What does it mean?  Two things. One, any […]

  September 23, 2021

Why Should A Brand Partner With Do Your Thng?

There was a time when a friend would mention a brand they bought and loved over a cup of coffee or drink, and the whole group would either buy it or consider it or tell more people about it.  This was pure word-of-mouth marketing at play. The holy grail of all brands. Unfortunately, it could […]

  September 21, 2021

Why You Don’t Need To Pitch To Brands Anymore!

Content creation for social media is a full-time job! It isn’t a child’s play anymore. And pitching to brands is the toughest part of this job. This is where DYT comes into the picture. It simplifies the whole back and forth process of contacting brands, negotiating price, getting approval and whatnot by acting as a […]


  August 21, 2021

A Creator’s Guide To Instagram’s Paid Partnerships

“With my mind on my money And my money on my mind.” Snoop Dogg was definitely on to something with those lines.   Because you dear influencers are close to hitting the jackpot. Influencer marketing is here to stay. Everyone likes to have a big sister or brother to take advice. Or love to hate […]


  August 19, 2021

Social Media ROI: Which Platform Fits Your Marketing Goal?

How does a marketer know if a campaign is working or not? By tracking ROI. That’s why calculating the return on investment is crucial. It lets you know how much you are getting out of the time and resources invested.  The formula for ROI is simple: (revenue growth – investment)/ invest *100. But when it […]

  March 11, 2021