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What Is Instagram Creator Studio And What Can You Do With It?

The rise of Instagram has been one of the most disruptive events in social media history. It took over all other social media platforms because of its lightning-fast innovations that sweep the internet by storm (every now and then), and its ability to engage all age groups.  While Instagram is replete with features that enable […]


  September 13, 2021

Why Brands Should Use a Platform for Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Anecdotally, we know influencer marketing campaigns are effective. Each one of us has searched for or bought a brand, product or service because a content creator recommended it. It’s finding statistical proof that explicitly establishes ROI that’s hard. 84%  of marketers say it is an uphill challenge. And therein, lies the dilemma of collaborating with […]

  August 20, 2021

Why Pinterest Is A Great App For Your Brand Endorsement!

Pinterest is one of those platforms that has gained significant growth in the past few years. It is a photo-based platform that was launched in the year 2010. It has the power and the aid to help brands and the creators grow and improve their reach.   If you haven’t yet explored the world of […]

  October 8, 2020

Is Meme Marketing The Way Ahead?

Mnemonics (think: learning the periodic table), listicles (think: BuzzFeed articles) and Stories (think: Snapchat), each one of them progenerated because Millennials understand things when offered in succinct packages.  So, right of the bat, we clarify: yes, unequivocally, memes are the way ahead. Now that’s out of the way, let’s look at why. A Bit of […]

  March 11, 2020