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How does DYT use LinkedIn to connect with its community?

Our founder began DYT for a very simple reason. To give any content creator, big or small, a safe space to do what they love while the platform does the heavy lifting (read: find brand collaborations). But what began as a simple creator-first platform has grown into so much more over the past years. As […]

  July 13, 2021

Write For DYT: Rules And Guidelines To Follow

We began Do Your Thng with a simple goal – to help creators do what they love. We wanted to give you a platform that made content creation simple. We also wanted to build a community where everyone had a chance to amplify their voice.  To that end, we are starting a new type of […]

  June 4, 2021

Women’s Day At Do Your Thng: A Recap

The 8th of March. Yes, Women’s Day was a Monday. And we all know what Mondays are like. Coffee, catch up with work, tea, more catch up, another coffee. Rinse, repeat.  We could barely squeeze out the time to tip our hats to content creators, killing it on social media by keeping it real. That’s not […]

  March 26, 2021

Growing As An Influencer With DYT: Simran Anand

When we started off, the only thing that we didn’t want to be was any other agency. Hence as a creator first community, our creators always come first. Period. We’ve had the pleasure to work with some incredibly talented creators, creators who work tirelessly to help others, creators who made it just at 16 and […]


  February 23, 2021

Earn While You Follow Your Passion With DYT

Guest post by Aadhaar Gupta The DYT (Do Your Thng) application is an amazing platform for creators who are interested in collaborating with brands. This app acts as a link between the creator and the brand, helping the creator to focus and excel in things he/she loves to do. The best thing about this app […]

  November 12, 2020

DYT x DaMensch: #AsSoftAs Campaign

#AsSoftAs goose down? Baby’s bottom? Kitten’s paw? Turns out we were wrong on all counts. It is #AsSoftAs a DaMensch! We’ll stop beating about the bush and get right to it. The AsSoftAs Campaign: DYT X DaMensch DYT ran a campaign with DaMensch a while back. Haven’t heard of the brand? Well, you should. The men’s innerwear brand is […]


  August 26, 2020

How to connect your social media accounts to the Do Your Thng App

Do Your Thng, a creator first community, helps creators to create, post & earn! Our engineers are constantly tweaking the user interface and user experience of the DYT app, so as to make everything easy for our users. One of those settings or tasks is to connect the social media accounts to the DYT app. […]

  July 2, 2020