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7 Creators Who Are Advocating For A Balanced And Healthier Life

There was a time when we watched health shows on television. Over the years, we have shifted from waiting in front of the TV to simply watching on Youtube (add Instagram). The influence of health and fitness bloggers has surged over the past few years (courtesy: jio), and in lockdown, we all have been searching […]

  December 23, 2020

How to become a Fitness Blogger on Instagram? A Short Guide

For some of the sloths that inhibit the DYT workspace, the explosion of Instagram has been a boon. What even the nagging of friends and parents couldn’t accomplish, a fitness enthusiast on the photo-sharing app did with a couple of posts. What gibberish are we spouting?  We’re talking about the magnificent and mighty Kayla Itsines. The […]

  January 28, 2020