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5 Food Bloggers Killing It This Holi!

One thing we’ve got to admit- Indian festivals have the best food! Each festival has its own type of food and we are all just pawns waiting to attack whenever we can. Well, the last year has however changed this with festival celebrations getting smaller and hence the food items getting lesser. Nevertheless, we still […]

  March 28, 2021

Content Ideas That Turn Food into Actual Art

Content ideas. That’s the bane of most content creators. At some point, we all think ‘what to post next?” Well, we’ve got ideas. Beautiful ideas. At least for food creators. We scrolled through the internet and found some of the most gorgeous food photos ever for your inspiration. (Psst, the content is still worth looking […]


  November 3, 2020

3 Delectable And Delightful Tips To Styling Food

What are the three essential ingredients for a food blogger? Great recipe, great photos, and great writing. It is when you combine the three in the right quantity that you cook up more followers.  As people who are only masters of making Maggie, we can do zilch for the recipe. For the other two ingredients, […]


  March 20, 2020