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The Unnoticed Ripple Effects of COVID-19 On Social Media Platforms

Over the past two years, the value of online content and its creators has come into stark relief. The uproar of content creation and its consumption has been a visible ripple effect of COVID-19.  What has gone unnoticed are silent but salient partners of content and their creators – the social media platforms. Looking back […]


  January 9, 2022

DYT x Klairs Campaign

The talk of the town today is the Klairs’ Campaign that we did a way, way back when. The campaign was long one in the making because we wanted authentic feedback from our creators, which obviously took time. This is the story of how it unfolded. The Skincare Campaign: DYT X Klairs Klairs, the Korean […]


  December 12, 2021

Where Is Influencer Marketing Headed In 2022 For Creators?

When we thought 2020 was going to be a big year for creators around the world, little did we know that 2021 was going to have 50 million people declare themselves as creators. 50 million is a huge number. It is bigger than the entire populations of Australia and New Zealand put together! But what […]

  December 9, 2021

Bank On Advocacy: Influencer Marketing Tips For Brands

We, as people, have learned to ignore traditional advertising. When we want recommendations, we turn to our peers. Essentially, we went back to word-of-mouth marketing. The difference is that now it all happens online, giving birth to the power of influencers.  But time brought with it change. It left the original form of influencer marketing […]

  August 10, 2021

How to connect your social media accounts to the Do Your Thng App

Do Your Thng, a creator first community, helps creators to create, post & earn! Our engineers are constantly tweaking the user interface and user experience of the DYT app, so as to make everything easy for our users. One of those settings or tasks is to connect the social media accounts to the DYT app. […]

  July 2, 2020