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Influencer Marketing 2022

2 Types Of Influencer Marketing Strategies To Achieve Brand Goals

We are constantly bombarded with the “we are in a creator economy” statement, and the rapid growth of influencer marketing does back that up fairly. The ad spend on influencer marketing went from $500 million in 2015 to a whopping $13.8 billion in 2021. But the question still remains: how does a brand use influencer […]


  January 21, 2022

Small Influencers and Brands: A Love Story With Tips On Collaborations

“Once upon a time, there was a brand looking to spread awareness about its products. The brand looked to the hills, forests, and oceans for a way to authentically inform people about their products. One fine day, the brand found a phenomenon called social media, where it found thousands of small influencers with the power […]

  January 18, 2022

Small Businesses Should Test The Waters Of Influencer Marketing

A Google study found that “for every person who clicks on the link of an influencer video on YouTube, there are 4 more who do not click but still download the game.” Translation – the actual conversion rate of an influencer marketing campaign is 4X higher than what is currently measured. And this is a […]


  January 17, 2022

5 Tips To Get Your Influencer Marketing Right. Every Time

The power of social media gave birth to a new form of marketing. We call it influencer marketing. Every brand has recognised its potential and uses it to promote products/services across channels.  The simplest argument behind the soaring popularity of influencer marketing is the personal connection between creators and their followers. People believe in the […]


  January 14, 2022

Tapping The Creator Economy And Using The Million Opportunities In Influencer Marketing

Ashu Agrawal, India Lead of Asia Tech Journal, sat down for an exciting session of Mavericks with Ankit Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Do Your Thng.  If you’re interested in the Creator Economy and the market in India, read on for some insightful tidbits. What is the impact of the creator economy on brands? Do you […]

  January 8, 2022

3 Pillars To A Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

The pandemic brought an instrumental shift in all facets of life – wearing masks, virtual corporate life, altering consumer demands, and so on. Advertising was no different. It underwent a sea change.   Influencer marketing emerged as the most sought-after model for growing a brand, courtesy of the massive spike in the number of hours people […]


  December 29, 2021