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Content Ideas For Creators To Bring All The Festive Feels & Engagement

The best part about living in India? Getting to celebrate all sorts of festivals. Eid, Diwali, Onam, Christmas: the list is endless and for creators a thing to rejoice.  Why? Because each holiday brings with it dozens of content ideas. And, tbh, we’ve all run out of ideas on what to post on social media at […]

  December 1, 2021

9 Photography Tips For Influencers To Make Your Content Better

Every picture tells a story. We know that. Right? Make it eye-catching and unique and you have more than a story. You have followers, likes, shares and overall engagement.  So, with high-powered cameras in your pockets, there really is no excuse for not posting perfect shots. But we get it. Not everyone is born with […]


  November 25, 2021

5 Tips For Influencers To Get Brand Collaborations

Have you doubted the journey to financial freedom as an influencer? Have you been demotivated or questioned this path? You’re not alone. Most new content creators struggle to transform their passion into a career. But the good news is that trends, brands and consumers are all on your side. Over the last few years, influencer […]


  November 19, 2021

DYT Creator Portraits: Kulin Amin

Let’s democratise influence. Those were the words DYT began with. To help anyone do what they love, their thng and, on the way, tell stories. Stories created by the people and for the people. We’ve come a long way in making this true. Today we climb one more step towards achieving the goal and we […]


  November 14, 2021

5 Travel Creators You Need To Check Out!

The pandemic saw a steep rise in the time we spent on Instagram. With nowhere to be and no one to meet, gadgets became our best friends, and socials the only means to stay connected with the outside world. Content creation boomed during the period – with brands grabbing the opportunity in the increased time […]


  November 12, 2021

The Etiquettes Of Communicating With Influencers

How does an influencer marketing campaign commence? Quite intuitively, it begins with influencer outreach. But more importantly, it begins with effective communication. It is the first and unarguably the most vital step of a campaign. On it rests the likelihood of success. With that as backdrop, we walk you through the etiquettes of communicating with […]


  November 11, 2021

Don’t Kill Creativity In Paid Media Campaigns

Brands are coming to an understanding of the power that paid media campaigns can offer. They are an amazing way to help boost your brand, with multiple pros. You can reach your next pool of customers with precise targeting and actionable insights. Turn any social media post into an ad instantly. Keep a tight control […]


  October 27, 2021

Festive Season: Busy Business Hours For Creators

Well, well, well, if it is not that time of the year! We are past Dussehra, and we are all waiting for the grandest festival to be celebrated in the North of India – which means it is also the holiday season.  Holidays = People sitting at home = More time to be active on […]


  October 26, 2021

Declining A Brand Collaboration? Be Polite.

I am sure many of you’ve wondered at some point or the other how do people make money on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook? The answer is simple as well as complex. Creators earn mostly from brand collaborations.  What are brand collaborations? It’s an agreement between the creator and brand. Wherein the creator endorses a […]


  October 25, 2021

Decoding Srishti Dixit’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or watched a healthy dose of BuzzFeed India videos, you likely know Srishti Dixit. A comedian and cat mother, Srishti is known for her hilarious video sketches, pop culture commentary, and refreshingly unique ‘realness.’ It’s no wonder she’s grown from BuzzFeed writer to internet sensation over the past few years! […]


  October 9, 2021

Decoding Ritvi’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

Scrolling through Instagram is a part of daily life for most of us, and if it’s not your thing, “Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy(🎵).” For the rest of us, let’s hop in.  With 96.6k followers at the time of writing this article, let’s respectfully dismantle this desi content creator with a […]

  September 27, 2021

Here’s How You Become An Influencer! With Love, DYT

Anybody who believes the wide web of social media is a fad is #craycray. It is very much alive, and it is here to stay. Tell us, if it was going to be lost in the mists of antiquity would Instagram reach 1 billion active monthly users.  What does it mean?  Two things. One, any […]

  September 23, 2021

Which Type Of Influencers To Use Based On Your Brand’s Need?

Influencers on the left, influencers on the right, a lot on your screen and a bit on your mind. In a world where influencer marketing is booming faster than you could say boomer, it is necessary to keep yourself educated. Why? Let us fill you in. For marketers, social media influencers are like wild cards. […]


  September 17, 2021

5 legal issues influencers must get right

The Influencer Marketing Industry has witnessed expansive and disruptive growth in recent times and is expected to grow at the rate of 32 percent, compounded annually, to touch 24 billion USD by 2025. Brands instinctively are looking to make the most out of the recent boom in the growth of online communities and have their […]

  August 27, 2021

Current Trends on Social Media

When we talk about living in an era of constant evolution, social media is as dynamic and volatile as it can get. Trends become outdated before one even realizes and new trends emerge from nowhere overnight. While some of these trends have been almost transient, a few others have made it clear that they are […]

  August 26, 2021