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More Reach Or More Followers? The Never-Ending Battle

With a growth spurt in social media activities and the huge number of social media accounts, various metrics are used to prioritize, classify, or differentiate these profiles from the others. These metrics are used by many creators, brands as well as social media marketing organizations to assess the quality of social media profiles.  Some of […]

  March 24, 2021

Creators: Expectations vs Reality 

All of us are more or less aware that Instagram isn’t a platform to depict the most accurate account of our lives. As a new creator you have certain expectations which we will be debunking today.   That perfect exclusive spot                 Influencers believe in exclusivity but it’s […]

  March 17, 2021

6 Kickass Female Creators Whose Insta Content Is Both Real & Inspiring!

We could exhaust an ocean of ink by quoting powerful words today. But we won’t.  As part of a creator-community that predominantly identifies as female, we know that women rule the world. And they do it while wearing heels (or not) and carrying a child in their arms (or not). What we will do is […]

  March 8, 2021