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4 Tips To Protect Your Instagram From Getting Hacked!

You upload a picture on Instagram and are excited about the likes and comments that you got from your viewers. But something goes wrong the next day. You try to log in but can’t – Access is denied. You realize your account has been hacked. Feels scary right? Off late many people have complained about […]

  May 22, 2021

With Chrissy Teigen Leaving Twitter, What Does It Say About Online Bullying?

If you have been a target of vitriolic abuse online and it has impacted your mental health, we sincerely urge you to ask for help or call the 1800-599-0019 hotline. In 2019, Twitter crowned Chrissy Teigen its unofficial mayor. Fast forward to 2021, and the mayor has officially left the town. On the 24th of […]

  April 9, 2021