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Work From Home

10 Tips To Increase Your Productivity At Home

Have you had one of those days when you are talking over the phone with a friend or a relative, scrolling through your social media and its already noon and you realize you have not done anything productive so far. If this happens once in a while, its ok, but if this happens on a […]


  June 12, 2021

How To Fight Work From Home Blues: Lessons From Creators

Way back in March, when the lockdown was just imposed, our founder gave us tips on working from home. One of his advice was that for newbies, remote working is freeing.  It’s exciting because you can get up 15 minutes before the workday starts and still punch in on time. It’s exhilarating because no boss is […]

  December 15, 2020

How To Recreate That Lost Workplace Humour Virtually

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses all over the world are forced to shut their physical operations and work remotely. People are now working from their homes. While from a business point of view, it is essential to coordinate and communicate, it is also important to stay connected to your colleagues. Due to […]

  October 30, 2020

Myntra seeks to make WFH fashionable.

Work from home (WFH) has seen couches, kitchen counters and even bedrooms turn into office space.   View this post on Instagram Slounge-wear is a thing, and we’re making it trendy! 📸 @bhawna_lunthii For similar styles, look up product codes: 10735804 / 10605858 / 10716874 To be featured on our feeds, tag your #myntra look […]


  July 22, 2020

10 Best Workplace Comedies That Will ‘Almost’ Make You Regret Working From Home

Now that everyone is working from home for at least three months now, you must be missing that workplace fun. We all have those colleagues cracking lame jokes, enlightening the room with their hilarious anecdotes. We bet you are missing those fun-filled eating breaks in the pantry and gossip sessions with your favourite co-worker along […]


  June 23, 2020