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Your Year-End Music Wrap Up!

Music is one of the things which helped us survive in this pandemic. Whenever we are watching any series or any movie, the characters and the songs lets us dissolve into the scene we are watching. Be it a romantic comedy or someone’s happy dance videos, without music it gets so boring. Don’t you agree? […]


  December 24, 2020

Closing 2020 With A Positive Note

Annus horribilis. That’s Latin for a horrible year, and it sums up 2020 perfectly.  For many creators, it was even harder. Creating content in the times of coronavirus was anything but child’s play, and it took a toll on mental health. COVID-19 was just the tip of the iceberg. Bushfires. Flash floods. Volcano eruptions. Locusts. Cyclones. And not to […]

  December 21, 2020