Do Your Thng is a platform which connects users to brands that want their influence. Select a campaign you believe in and share it with your followers – we reward you!

Here’s How It Works

It’s all about the score!

After connecting your social media accounts, you can see your DYT score. This  is updated daily, based on how you interact and connect with your audience – and it is crucial that this engagement be organic (not paid). 

To earn with our app :

  • Choose a campaign you believe in.
  • Create a post with the campaign and share it to your social media account.
  • Engage with your audience on the post – your payment is based on the engagement you receive.
  • Receive credits in your app wallet after 24 hours of posting online.
  • Redeem your credits as and when you want to withdraw your money.


What’s great is that the score can be increased, which means you can earn more with time!

Did you not earn as much as you wanted to? Click here to learn more about improving your DYT score and earnings.