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How Does The App Work?

It all starts with the download

1. Download the app & sign up.

2. Verify yourself by clicking on the link we send to your email.

3. Link the DYT account to your social media profile. You can link to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram right now. (all of them, two of them or just one of them – the choice is yours).

4. Fill in your bio and select your interests.

5. Choose a campaign you believe in.

6. Create a post on the campaign using your image and share it on your social media.

7. Get paid within 24 hours!

Note: The amount you get paid depends upon your exact numerical DYT score, which is calculated and updated every day based on several metrics like interaction and connection with your audience. What’s great is that the score can easily be increased, which means you can earn more with time. Swing by our scoring policy to know more about it! In simpler words: Create-Post-Get Credited. Further, these credits can be redeemed and converted into currency in your bank or Paytm account. One credit is worth 1 INR. Its as easy as that!

Here is a step-by-step guide on redeeming your money :

1. Open the DYT app.

2. Tap on the “Wallet” tab. (That is the third tab on the bottom of the screen).

3. Scroll to the “Redeem Credits” button.

4. Enter the amount of credits you want to redeem.

5. Choose either your PayTM or Bank Account.

6. Click on the “Redeem Now” button and you are all set.

7. A successful transaction mail will be sent shortly after that.

DYT intends to make the comprehensive influencer marketing space more efficient, transparent and reliable.


What Exactly Is Do Your Thng?

Do Your Thng is a one-stop platform to share what you love and get paid while doing so! We are a shared economy platform for digital properties, which enables any social media user to post about what they believe in and get rewarded based on their influence.

The Do Your Thng community has been built by creators for the creators. It enables an average content curator to propagate for a bigger fish. We know that everyone has interests, opinions and influence of their own – we want to help you harness that and optimise your platform.

The time of micro and nano influencers is now – studies have proved that larger celebrity influencers have lower rates of engagement than smaller accounts. What matters is quality and authenticity. Using our platform, you can work with brands that value your voice and profile, no matter what size. To understand it simply,  influencing has been an aristocracy till now, that was restricted to only a handful of people – this is changing and democracy is taking its place. Everyone can be an influencer.

We are looking for wavemakers, creators who are passionate and motivated, to join our community and live what they love. You share your interests, while we will find brands and campaigns for you to work with and will pay for the content you post.