Is your DYT score showing you more money than you make? Would you like to increase the amount you earn per post? We’re here to help you through it. 

It’s all about how you engage with your audience. As an influencer, your audience is your number one asset – do not underestimate the power they give you! 

The score is key. 

Your DYT score is updated daily based on how you interact and connect with your audience – and it is crucial that this engagement be organic (not paid). So if you post a campaign with our app and make less money than expected, it may be because there was not enough engagement with your audience. 

To improve your score and earn more, you can : 


    1. Be more active online – Interacting with your online community is crucial.  Like, retweet, comment and post original content regularly. Remember to be true to your personality! 
    2. Be personal – your friends and followers come to your profile to know more about you! They care about what you have to say. Share content you truly care about to show your audience who you really are. 
    3. Reach out to others – Interaction is important! Keep engaging with your friends and followers. Respond to what you like, listen to what they have to say and put forth your own opinions. Be attentive and honest. 
    4. Network more – keep connecting and growing both online and offline! The more you expand your network, the more your visibility improves. 
    5.  Improve your content – There’s always room for improval! You can learn from fellow creators or even reach out to our team to figure out how to make your content better. Keep experimenting and see how your audience responds!
    6. Less is more – Don’t post aimlessly. Have a thought around the content you create and share. Help your audience understand what you are sharing and what you think about it! Create with intent.