A Guide To Tagging Locations on Instagram

Planning Insta-worthy content is not easy. The right props, lights, aesthetics, outfit, yadda, yadda. There is so much more work involved. Getting the right shot is half the job done, and then you move on to writing a crisp caption, finding the right hashtags, tagging location… wait!  Are you tagging your location? Tagging locations on Instagram affects the performance of your content  Often ignored, the location tag on Instagram can amplify the performance of your content and how. Honestly, it […]


  January 23, 2022

What and Who Is An Influencer?

“Influencer marketing is the big thing right now!” “Social media marketing is the way to go, bro.” “Brands are choosing influencer marketing over any other strategy.”   If you are a well-informed, avid social media user, we’re sure you’ve heard these statements at some point. If you are not an avid social media user, we are sure you will have at least heard the word influencer at some point.  A more likely situation is that you aspire to be an […]

  January 22, 2022

2 Types Of Influencer Marketing Strategies To Achieve Brand Goals

We are constantly bombarded with the “we are in a creator economy” statement, and the rapid growth of influencer marketing does back that up fairly. The ad spend on influencer marketing went from $500 million in 2015 to a whopping $13.8 billion in 2021. But the question still remains: how does a brand use influencer marketing strategies to achieve its goals. That’s what we break down here. What in the world is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is when a brand […]

  January 21, 2022

Decoding Nupur Singh’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

For every content creator out there, one thing is as important as creating content, and that is consuming content. And no, we are not talking about going down the rabbit hole of cat videos, but the ones that inspire and leave us in awe of their sheer creativity.  But hey, if cats are your thng we appreciate that just as much. Anyway, enter the queen of aesthetics and self-proclaimed café interior enthusiast from Mumbai Nupur Singh, or as her Instagram […]

  January 19, 2022

Small Influencers and Brands: A Love Story With Tips On Collaborations

“Once upon a time, there was a brand looking to spread awareness about its products. The brand looked to the hills, forests, and oceans for a way to authentically inform people about their products. One fine day, the brand found a phenomenon called social media, where it found thousands of small influencers with the power to sway the shopping decisions of their followers.  That’s when the brand knew that they and small influencers were a match made in heaven.” Great […]

  January 18, 2022

Small Businesses Should Test The Waters Of Influencer Marketing

A Google study found that “for every person who clicks on the link of an influencer video on YouTube, there are 4 more who do not click but still download the game.” Translation – the actual conversion rate of an influencer marketing campaign is 4X higher than what is currently measured. And this is a conservative multiplier noticed just in the first week of a campaign going live.  The unseen effects of influencer marketing (and why small businesses can benefit […]


  January 17, 2022

8 Influencers Who Turned Into Entrepreneurs

Let’s be clear. There is not an iota of doubt that social media has fostered some real, salt-of-the-earth talent. Don’t believe us? Have you heard Yohani’s cover of the Sri Lankan song Manike Mage Hithe? Of course, you have. Everyone has! Social media did that. Don’t at us. You know it, we know it. Reels and YouTube made the song viral (and, of course, the gorgeous, gorgeous voice of Yohani). She is just one example. There are plenty of everyday […]


  January 16, 2022

Marketing to Gen Z: The True Creators of Content

You know the saying, “This is ­­_____’s world now. We are just living in it”? Fill in that blank with Gen Z.  The past two years proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. The entire world has been glued to the relevant, impactful, and sensitive content they created during every lockdown and beyond. Why is it that the world is glued to Gen Z content?  Because they are digital natives. While older generations need to familiarise themselves with Instagram […]

  January 15, 2022

5 Tips To Get Your Influencer Marketing Right. Every Time

The power of social media gave birth to a new form of marketing. We call it influencer marketing. Every brand has recognised its potential and uses it to promote products/services across channels.  The simplest argument behind the soaring popularity of influencer marketing is the personal connection between creators and their followers. People believe in the viability of a product when they see a known face using it.  However, influencer marketing comes with a lot of variables. Brands don’t have complete […]

  January 14, 2022

9 Best Cake Pages On Instagram In India

Did the lockdown intrigue the baking spirit inside you? Or maybe you’re looking for the best cake Instagram accounts to cater to your event? Or maybe you’re simply in the mood to look at some mouthwatering and delicious pictures.  Whatever the reason, we have your back. We sat down to find the best cake pages on Instagram in India (particularly Delhi) and these are the ones that made the cut.  Best cake pages on Instagram to pamper your taste buds  […]


  January 13, 2022

Regional Content Creators Making It Big On Social Media

Do you know the number of languages spoken in India? It is home to 120+ languages. And don’t get us started on dialects. The saying ‘कोस कोस पर बदले पानी, चार कोस पर वाणी‘ is actually true. And the creator economy is truly witnessing it now, with an increased demand for vernacular content and regional content creators. These content creators have taken over Instagram Reels, Twitter feeds, and YouTube to share content in a language native to them.  5 regional […]


  January 12, 2022

5 Tips To Create The Best Branded Content On Instagram

An Instagram presence is a must for every brand in today’s time. Every brand keeps the platform on their marketing radar because let us be honest it’s the way to attract loyal customers.  However, creating sales-focused content isn’t enough to get followers on Instagram. To really tap into the power of this social media, branded content should focus on all three stages of the sales funnel – awareness, consideration and purchase. So, how does a brand do that?  How to […]

  January 11, 2022

Another New Instagram Feature (One We Waited For) Is Out

Imagine this: you are trying to talk up your Instagram, but your friends can not stop gushing about how trendy Twitter Spaces have been lately. So, you decide to tweet your Instagram post, only to see an off-putting hyperlink instead of the kicka$$ picture you took.  We know. We know. We’ve been there. It’s the bane of all creators. We couldn’t preview an Instagram post in a tweet. But finally, finally, Instagram has some good news in store for you! […]


  January 10, 2022

The Unnoticed Ripple Effects of COVID-19 On Social Media Platforms

Over the past two years, the value of online content and its creators has come into stark relief. The uproar of content creation and its consumption has been a visible ripple effect of COVID-19.  What has gone unnoticed are silent but salient partners of content and their creators – the social media platforms. Looking back on 2021 and 2020, it becomes blatantly clear that each took well-grounded steps to engage their users. Instagram reacted to mental well-being As a reaction […]

  January 9, 2022

Tapping The Creator Economy And Using The Million Opportunities In Influencer Marketing

Ashu Agrawal, India Lead of Asia Tech Journal, sat down for an exciting session of Mavericks with Ankit Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Do Your Thng.  If you’re interested in the Creator Economy and the market in India, read on for some insightful tidbits. What is the impact of the creator economy on brands? Do you think brands are getting the value they need out of influencer marketing?  The decentralisation of content on the internet created the creator economy. There are […]

  January 8, 2022